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Positives and Negatives


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The club may regain its identity without overpaid cunts like martins, owen, collocini, etc etc etc




We will lose bassong, enrique  and will be stuck with harper(fucking awful keeper) and nicky butt(tried his best to fuck us over yesterday), nolan(didn't turn up).


I would however like to keep duff who I think tried his hardest and worked hard, steven taylor who I think did his best yesterday and can take at least some credit, habibe beye who I think will stay. The rest can go for me

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Guest defo

A potential negative is that despite his statement yesterday that up or down he was staying because Newcastle is his club, he's probably the most saleable player at the club and I can see someone like Arsenal or Spurs making a 7 or 8 million bid which, regardless of the player's dedication to the club, they just couldn't afford to turn down.

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