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Wembley Startup delayed again - beeb

Rob W

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Warm-up event for Wembley delayed


Wembley officials insist this year's FA Cup final on 19 May will still take place at the new stadium, despite a delay to a planned warm-up event.


A community day was set for 3 March and was designed to be one of two 'ramp-up' events staged in order to fulfil a stadium safety requirement.


It has now been rescheduled for 17 March, which means the 11 March England women's game with Holland may be moved.


"We remain on track to host the FA Cup final," said Wembley chief Alex Horne.


Up to 60,000 people from Wembley's surrounding borough of Brent are expected to be in attendance at the community event to look at the new venue.


If the local council agree to give the stadium a provisional safety certificate then there could be a warm-up event, such as an England Under-21 match, scheduled for the following week.


Only after the match has taken place will Wembley receive a general stadium safety certificate.


"The Football Association will only announce the 2007 Cup final at Wembley once the stadium has been granted its general safety certificate," added Wembley managing director Horne.


"We are on course to go through the necessary testing procedures in order to get the certificate. I'd like to thank Brent council for being understanding and helpful as we look to start that formal process."


Horne added: "Community Day is the first step towards gaining the certificate.


"Ramp-up events have always had to remain flexible in terms of a date because of the complex nature of the project, hence the change."






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