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Worst all time Norwich 11


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Have 3 former Newcastle players that I remember well:



Garry Brady – Midfield


>When Hamilton signed him on loan towards the end of the 1999-00 campaign, Brady looked out of his depth and was overrun by opposing midfielders. So, naturally, Hamilton brought him back to the club for a second loan spell at the start of the following season. He was no better second time around. Definitely Hamilton 's type of player.


Des Hamilton – Midfield


When Des Hamilton first came into professional football he was highly rated. An impressive spell at Bradford City saw him earn a move to Newcastle . But he didn't cut the mustard there and by the time he joined us on loan he looked like a Gus Caesar who had put on weight and was now playing in midfield. I don't know how much money he took home while he was here, but whatever it was it was too much.



Paul Dalglish – Striker


Dalglish arrived at the club as a young man with a very high opinion of himself, but as well as lacking ability he had a bad attitude. He had been on the books of Celtic, Liverpool and Newcastle solely because of links that his legendary father had with those clubs, and he thought he was too good to play anywhere else. Since leaving us, he has played for and/or had trials with at least 13 different clubs. A pale shadow of the player that his father was, but he probably still feels that he should walk into the best sides in the country.



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