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  1. Bloody hell! I ran that for you for a little while then it went pretty became dead as copyright crackdowns started getting tougher.
  2. Finally got around to uploading them, link in a new thread. Youtube had a couple of them down within seconds so google drive it is.
  3. Some of us where reminiscing about these on the toontastic thread. I've uploaded what I could find. Google Drive link Most of these are by @pedro111I think, and I believe some might be from Tooj and maybe Matt. A couple of the crappy ones would be mine But anyway, nice little trip down memory lane.
  4. I might have a few lying around. What's a good place to post them these days? I'm guessing Youtube will have them down pretty quick
  5. Oooh it was Pedro! Or something? With the brilliant compilations?
  6. I was around 14-15 too and couldn't find another football fan for the life of me during those days, let alone an NUFC one in my part of the world. As a kid it was brilliant finding these forums. I'm guessing as MBS continues to get his checkbook out in the coming years I may finally not be the only NUFC fan from Pakistan, even though I'm living on the other side of the world now. There was that time with the compilations and videos everywhere too. That was mint. For us it was mostly Tooj wasn't it? And I remember taking over a small site NUFC Media for a little while before it went down too (it was for sharing video clips ). Can't remember who exactly it was from? Are you still on here?
  7. Is it really gone for good? Nice to see some old names on here again though. My last post seems to be from 2008
  8. Two words: shite season This was basically meant as a read for general football fans, not Newcastle ones.
  9. Hullo there lads, here's a piece of something Ive been upto over the last few days. Actually, I was supposed to be doing it as part of an official premier league review for a popular football site. The project was scrapped, and as I'd done the work already, I thought I'd share it with all fans possible. So if you're bored and dont have a real life, read on There's a general month by month analysis followed by a player by player one.
  10. aimaad22

    Alan Smith

    Agree, Smith was Sam's biggest mistake. He has absolutely nothing to offer football wise. In fact, he's a liability. Gives away silly freekicks all the time which cost us, as happened yesterday.
  11. I thought we werent allowed to post videos.....
  12. That bit about Anton Ferdinand worries me, he doesnt inspire any more confidence than the likes of Ramage or Bramble to be honest.
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