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  1. sorry to hear that. keep well
  2. Cheers lads! Thanks for having us
  3. As if you were invited to the secret forum
  4. that was Leazesmag wasn’t it???
  5. Destined to be this window’s Peter Odemwingie
  6. Dr Gloom

    Jesse Lingard

    respect the blue tick
  7. Dr Gloom

    Diego Carlos

    do you rate diego carlos?
  8. you had to mention the ginger quiff didn't you ffs
  9. Dr Gloom

    Jeff Hendrick

    few players epitomise the steve bruce era better than this plodder
  10. Dr Gloom

    Diego Carlos

    you can't expect to receive £30m for jug-eared james when he only has 6 months on his contract
  11. i'd rather have jess phillips
  12. lads, this is our get out jail free card. diego has spoken. this carlos kid isn't all that
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