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  1. Our players wouldn't want Rafa back as they'll end up crying every day. Can't believe this is being brought up, btw. Just get over it.
  2. I read it quickly and I thought this post was about putting him in a suitcase. If you know what I mean by 'him'...
  3. Dinho lad

    Chris Wood

    Will be a useful signing. Will offer us something different. 20m is a decent fee.
  4. Dinho lad

    Your pet hates

    Think like there is no box.
  5. Ings is quality - definitely would be a good signing to beat off the drop and is good enough for a team transitioning from lower table to mid-table for the next 2-3 years.
  6. What about Liam Delap? (Son of Rory)
  7. Who's the big boobed redhead who was sitting next to Starmer in the house of parliment the other day?
  8. I looked at the list.... he's not there!! I can't have imagined it... :lol: Maybe he was a Championship manager...?? I'll do a little search.
  9. Maybe he wasn't German, then. Maybe he wasn't even a manager - could have been a director of football or something. But I'm pretty sure he was the manager as I seem to recall him doing regular post-match interviews. Maybe I'm getting old!
  10. Nope. Not him either. It's been bugging me ever since the Rangnick rumours intensified during the past days.
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