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  1. I receive a lot of abuse here as well, fella. Actually, quite a few insults and condescending stuff about me also happens in conversation that I'm not even part of. They could have the decency to tag me, at least.
  2. Don't like dogs... don't like pets. Don't mind animals.... just don't want to look after them.
  3. Didn't expect a better response from an ignorant and misinformed soul. Well, at least you enjoyed your one liner.
  4. I believe he also said that Tate should go and blow himself up (but possibly I can't remember the accurate wording). One of the worst and daftest 'insults' someone can say.... to murder other people. Yeah, that's clever, big guy!
  5. He apologised but may well be crocodile tears as he obviously wouldn't want to be deplatformed. Deary me, big guy.
  6. Do you like being ignorant and misinformed or something?? Public display of affection is frowned up for all types of sexual relationships - hetro, homo or whatever. I'm not sure if it's even law, but simply not part of the social culture there. Homosexuals, unmarried couple, etc, can come to Qatar and feel safe and of course do whatever they want behind closed doors. What more do you want considering it's a one month event?? To change their laws and culture for it? Dream on, they don't have to change for anyone, they'll do it when it's right for them. For your information btw, the extent of public display of affection is not ruled by zero-tolerance. For example, homosexuals will be able to hold hands in public and they will have no one approaching them and bothering them. Like the Qataris promised, everyone is welcome and it's safe (well, at least no more dangerous than anywhere else). I'm pretty sure they can even kiss in public (anything more than that is degenerate and frowned up quite a lot in the West anyway!) but it's probably restricted to alternative areas such as bar, clubs, hotels (same for alcohol), etc, away from family-orientated spaces like religious sites, housing areas, etc. Even in the west there are areas where drinking or public display of affection is regulated. So what if Qatar has a wider area of regulation?! Now that we're close to the world cup, the main important point is the hospitality and safety of visitors. That, I'm quite sure, will not be a problem. The issue of their laws, practices, and social customs should have been brought up much more in the past when it was more effective to do so. But anyway..... stop your misinformed, ignorant shit. The homosexuality ruling in Qatar is not enforced! But, I'll tell you what's enforced...… fucking 'capital punishment' in the fucking USA! I'm sure there wouldn't be many complaints when they host the next world cup!
  7. Never had any problem against True Geordie (and thankfully I certainty didn't like him or anything), but I hope the big shit get his social media account cancelled and fucks off the internet. Twatface.
  8. Well, on the other hand, everyone that says anything remotely negative about women is conceptualised as such and such. That attitude is ridiculous and much more simple than what the 'black pill' or whatever pill preaches.
  9. Don't subscribe to that, thank you.
  10. No I'm not confusing you with someone else! I'm sure of it! I'm sure you know I'm right, and that your form of denial is deliberately not an explicit denial incase you might need to change your tune in the future. You do that A LOT! Your 'word play' and twisting of meaning is one of the worst I've seen anywhere! The bloody North Korean propaganda machine are more convincing than you! You definitely need more practice on 'clever' wording. Your wording re your relationship history is, again, not convincing. Are you saying you immediately went from a 4 year relationship into the 8 year relationship? No space in between? And even if there wasn't, you can still understand 'how it feels like' even before experiencing it. Anyway, your relationship history is not something I wanted to know about! But I had to respond directly to it as it's another example of your poor wordplay. As for your last sentence, I'm not sure what you're on about. A form of masculinity is standing up for yourself even if the crowd are against you. Another form of masculinity is being strong enough as a man to handle life alone and that the attention of females shouldn't be a need that makes you being desperate (as you sounded in that post) to be in pretty much any relationship.
  11. Do your research, you'll find it.
  12. You mean the construction workers? Again, do your research! You're letting the media fool you soo much, it's embarrassing. For example, irrc, one measure for 'death' (that the media used) was to enquire with the government of x,y,z country to ask if x,y,z person returned to them or not. If the answer is no, this was counted as a death! Clearly this 'measure' is not good enough. Cleary those 'dead' workers could be somewhere else right now doing whatever job/asylum seeking. It's clear that the Qatar government made mistakes, but those were mistakes due to 'incompetence' and not due to disdain for the workers.
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