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  1. This game has no idea what it wants to be.
  2. I assume he's in attendance as a pundit? Bit random otherwise
  3. Am I losing my mind or are Man U singing Cheer Up Alan Shearer and Arsenal singing "He turned you down"?
  4. BlueStar


    Well aye. Same as imagining the US government would go to the elaborate lengths of planning 9/11 to give them an excuse to attack Iraq, as if they've ever needed an excuse to go around bombing freedom into places before.
  5. Absolutely piss-boiling read, this
  6. Enjoying this YouTube channel which has some nice relaxing lo-fi stuff to have on in the background around the house, or when wrapping presents or whatever. They have a spotify also
  7. BlueStar


    Anti-maskers think it's an hilarious "gotcha" that if you can smell a fart through someone's pants then it proves masks don't work. Long before covid a nurse raised concerns that her flatulence might contaminate the sterile environment she was working in. Instead of making assumptions like this, because they're scientists, they had a load of people fart onto petridishes with and without pants,and surprise surprise, a piece of cloth made all the difference. https://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/the-australian-scientist-who-tested-whether-farts-spread-disease/
  8. Wow it's like Tyson Fury is right there.
  9. BlueStar

    3D Printing

    It's a mate's stag this weekend and he plays a lot of Pokemon Go when he travels for work, so made him a thoughtful gift to take on his travels. NSFW
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