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  1. Take the Metro round the bottom way for long enough and I'm sure DJ Daftcunt will get on board at some point to treat you to a live set of the pick of the genre from his bluetooth speaker. YESSSAAAH
  2. New Dark Side of the Ring is meant to be out today, focusing on the plane ride from hell.
  3. Thoughts with Genno D at this difficult time
  4. If you want to feel old, ask anyone under 25 to mime "taking a photo" and watch them simulate tapping a phone screen instead of clicking a shutter.
  5. How the fuck do you dumb down a fucking PANTO?
  6. It's baffling to just shove someone in charge of the nation's X, Y or Z when they usually have no experience of it and are being moved on because they fucked up their last appointment and they need a position for them. "Well, turns out you knew fuck all about schools, fancy giving hospitals a go?"
  7. Yeah, don't do this. Have a week's ban and cool off.
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