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  1. Warframe? Psi-Ops? Second Sight? Dishonored? Half Life 2? Red Faction? Just Cause? just thinking of games with a hoy stuff about ability.
  2. BlueStar


    Literally "discussing any sportwashing not related to NUFC is banned"
  3. Also, even if it gets saved or your blast it off the bar, you look less of a prick than if you do a meandering three step mosey up to the ball and pass it harmlessly into the keepers arms.
  4. Clean sheet for Morocco in all four games, including a penalty shoot out EDIT: oh wait, Canada
  5. Tyldesley pronounces Hwang Hee-Chan was "Wacky Chan"
  6. BlueStar


    Could probably put this in basically any local rivals thread on any team's board but felt seen
  7. BlueStar


    Pickford save at one end, Hendo goal at the other. MLFs winning the World Cup.
  8. BlueStar

    Hip hop fans

    Their World Cup song isn't one of their best but its much better than "Three Christmas Lions" or whatever it is.
  9. Aye, must be shitting it looking at those polls.
  10. BlueStar


    Seeing as he's scored today we'll see how successful the 'Please stop singing about my cock" plea has been.
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    This month: Last month...
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