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  1. Aye, bit of a difference between saying 'it's him', a la the social media numptees, and linking a news website article, mind. That said, have no issues with complying with the requests of wullie/mike, just didn't see them.
  2. Ah, fair enough, missed that. Thanks Loki
  3. I see my original post was deleted by a mod and then the subsequent one had the potential referencing URL also removed, this is fine I guess, but are we not allowed to discuss the potential identity? It's not like there is a court order or anonymity injunction, big difference to 'not disclosed' information.
  4. Yeah it's a strange one, they could have been referring to a different article , which seems to have named him, but then retracted it in the article but left it in the URL. And even so, that's not a British site as far as I can tell.
  5. We've had over 10 years of 'takeovers', veriaqa. You can forgive the majority for being more than a little jaded and educatedly pessimistic at this point. In some ways, it could be argued that this takeover is even further away from completion than others that have been touted. This is the first one that is being actively blocked by the PL for starters.
  6. As good as he was for us, and I don't doubt he could still play a role for us now based on his past performances for us, the fact he's joining Alaves permanently as his next club speaks more to his true calibre and how poor we are defensively that he looked that good in B&W.
  7. Oh and, controversial, Emiliano Sala to Cardiff, RIP.
  8. I just checked his Wiki, on the face of it looks like he came to us for his final pay-day, even though he somehow had played for the full Spain team 5 times. After leaving us he played a bit for a lower leagues Spanish team and called it a day shortly after. I wonder how many other high-profile footballers have gone down this path? Like, not off-the-rails or mental-health related (Adriano for example), but just thought, thanks I've had enough now and actively stopped playing the game.
  9. Surprised no-one has mentioned Marcelino yet. His reasons for his unavailability to play at times were absolutely ludicrous. Not the biggest fee per transfer appearances ratio as some, but wow, he really was a complete waster. Edit: Paullow beat me to it (Posted 9 minutes ago)
  10. HawK

    Jonjo Shelvey

    Jonjo Shelvey, baby cow enthusiast.
  11. Actually like those, main thing being they're not Puma.
  12. Played with his own specially weighted dice for his turn on snakes and ladders
  13. Aye, I said this. It was the only conceivable situation where that match could have coninued this evening imo.
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