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    Tokyo 2020

    Not sure Chris Boardman has ever slept.
  2. Disco

    Tokyo 2020

    Rowing location a bit of a let down compared to Rio unsurprisingly.
  3. Not sure bashing his bishop is going to help get anything done. If anything it'll probably put players off.
  4. Fucking hell, Andrew Bridgen speaking sense on Universal Credit.
  5. Omar Bogle as a name always makes me chuckle.
  6. Howay Channel 4, sort it out.
  7. Disco


    Try reading the post as a version of Chop Suey by System of a Down if it starts with Wake Up. —- New Covid variant being investigated according to PHE.
  8. Superb (awful) video going around of some bloke dressed as Spider-Man (not Jonas or the Beatboxer) decking some worker in Asda.
  9. Aye, the Napoli manager wants to keep him though. He could sign Mbappe and Messi tbf to him and he’d still be on a hiding to nothing.
  10. Leeds actually tightened up loads at the end of last season n all. Conceded 10 goals in 12 games from March onwards. Even the best manager in the land couldn’t even work out a way past his newly promoted team with no plan B at Bellend Road.
  11. They're pretty much all egotistical bellends with an agenda that is self serving before anything to do with the club. Be it Wraith, the TF lot, or any number ofthe other knackers associated with varying causes. It's no surprise that the only things that have come close to uniting the fanbase were AO/SP because they wisely withdrew that element of it but then suffered at said individuals attacking them because of it as they themselves weren't able to benefit from it. It's yet another thing that makes it even easier to switch off from the club.
  12. Sir Tommy of Sunderland in bother again.
  13. Disco

    Tokyo 2020

    Sweden shirts yesterday were class mind.
  14. His performance when we beat Saints 3-0 under Rafa is an all time shitness contender.
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