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  1. Disco

    Steve Bruce

    Mad that The Mag used to be good.
  2. Disco

    Newcastle Restaurants

    Horticulture is there now, supposed to be alright.
  3. Disco

    Newcastle Restaurants

    Don Vitos? Closed in August.
  4. Disco


    Pretty sure he’s getting worse n all. Even basic five/ten yards seemingly appear to be a massive chore for him.
  5. With Jokelinton ahead of him n all. Emerson won’t have an easier game all season.
  6. Sure I heard something saying he was back in training earlier this week.
  7. Hopefully Zaha, Eze, Dembele and that other kid they got from Reading all can’t play for some reason.
  8. It’s no wonder Italians are big on their Juve conspiracies.
  9. Roma goal ruled out as the ref gives them a pen instead. Of course they miss it.
  10. Disco

    Jonjo Shelvey

    Always applicable
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