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  1. Kane fucked this long before the ref forgot his cards. Not sure what the metrics on 365 are but I had Alba, Pau and Laporte for daft passes against Sweden. For a full back Alba sees so much of the ball but Poland surely won’t be as deep.
  2. More bad news for Steve and Keith after their Turkish hair transplants fell through this week too.
  3. He starts left and the left CM and LB use the space to overload in when he comes inside, same as Sterling but without the runs in behind. Didn’t see any of that though for either. I’d not have him starting either though.
  4. Yes, stood on his foot. No, he’d already overrun the ball and was looking for it.
  5. Move Foden back and get himself, Sterling and Grealish on in the first instance.
  6. Whoever said bringing Rashford on as the 9 was daft is spot on too. England weren’t getting enough players in the box as it was and he’ll alwsys pull to the left and deep when it’s a low block. Though Mount and Rice were both poor as per the first. Kane abysmal and the full backs had clearly been told to be conservative which seems daft when playing 1.5 holding midfielders and against a back 5. Barely an overload in the match either, really poor.
  7. Nah, that’s a fuck off down the tunnel as the whistle blows with no reaction or applause for me. Save your bews for the knockout.
  8. England fans bewwwwwwwwing like they just saw a black kid building a sandcastle on Roker beach.
  9. Always daft not testing the keeper when it’s wet as fuck too. Can’t score if you don’t shoot and England don’t get many shots off.
  10. Not for me, it must be Dave who's on the train
  11. Possibly been told too but he’s moving about the pitch but he’s been pretty wasteful and undisciplined in defence for me. Should be pulling left time and again, Scotland’s RB is shite, McTominay isn’t a defender and Gilmour is a kid. Overload them.
  12. Kane and Mount have been really poor. A few chances wasted from good balls over the top and Stones should’ve scored. Not all bad but Scotland digging in and playing well, Adams and Tierney in particular. They’ll tire though you should imagine.
  13. Very much relying on a McSauce card for bet builders
  14. Absolutely gasping to put the nut on someone
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