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  1. Same sort of narcissistic cunt who ends up in hospital from a highly transmissible virus and then on leaving does his utmost to make sure everyone he comes into contact also has more chance of catching said virus because ‘I’m fine now’.
  2. Hodgson is favourite at the moment. Would be a great appointment until the end of the season. Sure it’ll be some wild left field appointment though.
  3. Manager writing WORLDIE in his notebook I hope.
  4. Not sure, it might not be actually. Used to graft with the people who put the event on hence how I know.
  5. Wasn’t there for your Kingston Park exploits was he?
  6. Disco


    Got part refunded (80% IIRC) in the end but it took absolutely ages to sort which I’m sure is part of the plan. Mine for a flight delayed and subsequently cancelled with extra expenses incurred as a result n all so fairly major but standard stuff.
  7. Sure I’ve read it’s given to Johnson and his cronies first to do with as they want which seems bent as fuck but would be about as on brand as you could get.
  8. Disco


    Was a long time pre-Covid but BA are one of the worst companies I’ve ever dealt with for getting compensation, good luck.
  9. If only there was some (billions of) money that could be recouped from other scenes rather than written off. Speaking of which the UK anti-fraud minister quits over ‘lamentable’ Covid loan oversight - https://www.ft.com/content/805fa759-fabc-4d04-acdf-3616932d2164
  10. A name that had blissfully left my consciousness years ago.
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