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  1. They have Mitoma so haven't and won't miss Trossard
  2. Rice is quality but we are probably at least 18 months away from getting someone like him I don't mean in terms of ability as Bruno shows we can get such players but more the name, the fee and wages it will take
  3. I'm sure that's just based on user votes and it will have been Newcastle fans giving him a high rating
  4. A really good cameo, looked very lively. Think he'll be a real asset once he's up to speed with this team.
  5. I thought he was really good. 55/61 was his passing accuracy, which is pretty good even if he misplaced the odd one, can't expect him to get it right all the time.
  6. Nope Suspension for accumulation of yellows only apply to the league
  7. As if Maxi is the only one playing poorly, it's been a bit shite from a lot of them
  8. Apart from the early start we have been quite poor, overall they have been the better side. Unless we change something we'll lose this.
  9. Need to wake up, they are starting to take over the game
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