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    Khan-Brook in February on Sky Box Office Final pay day for both Fight is happening a good few years too late
  2. Geordie Ahmed


    Common sense prevails, game is called off. Ends in a draw
  3. Geordie Ahmed


    Bad light has stopped play but there is still some time left, just call it off man
  4. Geordie Ahmed


    Aye the 1 over is the minimum, would be interested to know what the reading actually is
  5. Geordie Ahmed


    Light seems to have gotten better, 2.1 overs for NZ to try and survive
  6. I think it's because the next 2 are clubs near to us plus 6 points from those 2 should mean even if we get nowt from December, then come January we shouldn't be too far adrift
  7. Southampton is very early in the window but we need to try and get signings done before that Watford game, if we leave it too late then we are potentially throwing away winnable fixtures with a few additions
  8. No chance with James around However he is very good and if there is a chance of us signing him we need to do it
  9. That's the players I would go with, would swap ASM and Joelinton but it has to be this But Clark will come in and Fraser will start as well I reckon
  10. I think 4 points is the minimum needed, get 4 and I think we are still in with a chance
  11. Expected us to lose, a point or a win would have been a massive bonus so this doesn't really change where I am at I'd say 7.5, 6 points from the next two and I'd drop to 6. 4 points takes it to an 8, anything less and it's 9
  12. I expected us to lose so not overly concerned even if we were poor We must get 6 points from the next 2 games, worst case scenario needs to be 4 points
  13. We have been poor but my word, the officiating today has been shocking
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