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  1. Fuck me man, we're lucky to still be in this, howay
  2. Judging by the sky sports news coverage there's barely a mask outside wembley, crazy. Hope that confidence translates on the pitch , definitely going to be a cagey game, but I fancy us to nick it and then play bruceball to hold on.
  3. Chrisjraby


    Just managed to bring my jab forward by 3 weeks (I'm 33), loads of availability so not sure whether they've just updated it. Might be worth anyone in the same age bracket having a look if they're wanting to move theirs.
  4. Chrisjraby

    UFC Thread

    Can you pay for a box office event on sky and then record it? I've always had virgin media before, but now I'm on sky i'm not sure how it works; couldn't seem to find a conclusive answer online. Don't want to pay £20 and then not be able to watch it when I get up
  5. It will be interesting to see if Kane can get any slower in extra time
  6. Guess Saka will go off now and Kane survives again
  7. Didn't know he wasn't even on the bench, incredible
  8. DCL must be sitting there wondering what the fuck he has to do to get in ahead of Kane, embarrassing
  9. Kroos and Goretzka vs. Rice and Phillips. Lets see how this goes...
  10. That'll be De Boer binned off then
  11. Can someone text Amanda and get her to get a deal done for Dumfries
  12. Well that's one way to waste his career...
  13. Good performance from Lomachenko last night, hopefully sets up a rematch with Lopez now
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