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  1. I said that jokingly to some friends when Sky showed him and now I feel like it might actually be the case. What a shout.
  2. I had a sneaky feeling this was already happening just in the way Eddie Howe mentioned the cameras just before Dan Burn's dance after the Leicester win. "I'll keep it brief cos the cameras are here," was kinda spoken in a tone as if 'the cameras being here' was a typical occurrence. Not to mention there seemingly being more cameras visible around the place on the match cam videos, etc. Looking forward to that. A four-parter sounds ideal. All or Nothing is very formulaic, sanitised and edited in a particular way - not to mention it's long and presumably represents a pretty significant imposition on the club's day to day. I didn't really fancy that for us, along with the associated risk of Eddie Howe becoming a meme, for e.g. Something shorter, more bespoke and personal would be great.
  3. Ach, you, man. Was just coming here to say I can't wait to see all the amateur architects come out of the woodwork. Myself included tbh.
  4. I really didn't expect this either. Thought it was destined to either be developed or just an indefinite land banking exercise for the developers, with its value ever increasing the more the club became of interest globally. Really brilliant news.
  5. Absolutely brilliant news. Fuck you, Mike Ashley.
  6. I wouldn't begrudge anyone a ticket because, thankfully, the fractured and bickering fanbase has been replaced with one that is as united as it is likely to get in modern times. Yes, there were thousands who decided to facilitate the extreme troughs of the Ashley era/didn't care/didn't know about the gaslighting, the patronising, the sneering, the exploitation, the hollowing-out, the appalling treatment of certain players, the disrespect of club legends, the disregard of heritage and community and sporting integrity, and generally just the slow death of the club - and you might wonder if those people are less deserving of whatever are the extreme highs of the post-Ashley era. But hopefully everyone is in it and enjoying it together now and we don't have to think about that sort of stuff too much any more. Well done to anyone who gets a ticket and I hope it's a class day and we win, which I think we will. As a TV viewer on the day it'll just be #limbs and I won't care whose they are! It'll be amazing.
  7. An episode and a bit into White Lotus. Are Sydney Sweeney and this other lass gonna get it on or what.
  8. Another terrific episode which absolutely flew by; I really am loving this series. The world is so compelling and believable, so too are all the main characters. I know I'm in the minority (and apologies cos I'll have inevitably said this before elsewhere) but I really, really love having to wait a week. It lets each episode leave such a lasting impression on you (thought about episode 3 loads this past week), meanwhile I was looking forward to watching tonight's all day.
  9. Yeah, there's no chance at all of anything truly drastic happening, I don't think. The Premier League's priority is the Premier League, and the idea of them taking an almighty sledgehammer to their own brand is pretty far-fetched when you think about it. Owning one of the sport's biggest scandals whilst illigitimising one of their competition's greatest ever teams - which has provided some of the greatest players, the most dramatic moments, arguably the best ever manager - just isn't going to happen. Especially not with the spectre of a breakaway league still very much looming; the need to stay as credible and as elite as possible remains as necessary as ever. I still have a modicum of hope that it'll prompt a change in attitudes and approaches, but the PL are just an irredeemable pack of self-serving hypercapitalists; there's no relying on them to instigate meaningful, beneficial change for the greater good.
  10. Most people aren't hideous, scheming arseholes out to rob people blind, even ones you encounter on the internet. If your instincts tell you, after such a long period, that she's solid, then go ahead and trust your instincts if you want to, and don't feel like you need to justify yourself to anyone. But your priority surely has to be to physically get yourself over there, or what is the point anyway?
  11. With the way Premier League clubs operate these days, I feel like it had been a while since someone did the old 'appoint a caretaker who's done alright permanently even though everyone knows they're not actually cut out for the job long term' thing. Shakespeare and Solksjaer probably the last ones iirc so we were overdue. He properly useless then aye?
  12. If this doesn't convince folk then I don't know what will.
  13. I tried to do this earlier by chopping NWOAT at the point at which the discussion began but couldn't figure out how. Not sure it's possible, @Big River @Rich?
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