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  1. They came to do a job and they did it. We were rubbish but whatever. Move on.
  2. Shite that. Scotland came to leave everything in order to rattle us and it's worked. Kane looks ill. I'm assuming at this point that he's fucked but we've just kept it under wraps so as not to give the opposition a boost.
  3. Leaked line-up has the aforementioned full-backs in, plus Maguire for Mings and Grealish for Foden.
  4. Think Slovakia are my second team on account of Dubs and Bratislava being class. Plus the win against shitty Poland was good. So I hope they win this. Not watching, like; which by the sounds of it is a good thing. I literally wouldn't do any work ever if I decided to put the tele on.
  5. Cheers for the heads up. None of the usual suspects in site by the looks of it so I'm looking forward to giving that a listen.
  6. Yorkie

    Pre-Season 2021/22

    A testing schedule so far. Conference North - York League 2 - Harrogate League 1 - Burton League 1 - Rotherham
  7. Yorkie

    Your Pet Hates

    I get this worryingly frequently and yeah, it's absolutely miserable. Guaranteed two days of discomfort after one moment of innocuous head-turning.
  8. I'm quite amused that they obviously really fancied Gattuso, then u-turned after one conversation, with him. The radge must have been turned up to eleven.
  9. Absolutely, the World Cup is less than a year away. Edit actually it's in the winter isn't it cos stupid, but you know what I mean.
  10. I think, like every man in the line-up, his choice with Trippier was totally vindicated. Certainly if he had anything to do with Mings' superb performance. I was getting really frustrated at times during the Croatia game at the lack of penetration from the full-backs, but it's clear that that just wasn't the gameplan. The gameplan, particularly given the heat, was to kill it dead for long periods (see the numerous occasions where Stones and Mings passed it between each other to death), stifle the opposition and wait for opportunities through the centre. So there was no point in pl
  11. I played hours and hours of GTA4 but don't think I spent a minute on the campaign. Just me and a couple of mates taking it in turns to create as much anarchy as possible with Niko Bellik.
  12. Feel for the poor office bods who came up with it and didn't have it vetoed by a senior manager. Obviously it came from a place of wanting to celebrate local distinctiveness, which is totally fair and what most Councils do at some point when it comes to marketing. But yeah it's a fine line between that and stereotyping.
  13. Shaw and James to start according to The Athletic. Pleased about that.
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