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    cheers for that trip down memory lane. Was aware of everything constantly changing into something else at the drop of a hat but didn't realise it was all the same people. The corner shop was the go-to haunt for shit snacks that year. And yep, that's the spot. 149.
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    Bah that was it. I was gonna post, wasn't there like a 'nufc-themed' sandwich shop around there as well, and yeah that was it. Lived on Helmsley Road for a year, immediately opposite Starbeck Chippy and next door to what was then 'the Chill Out' (freezer shop, Christ knows what it is now). Was possibly the best year of me life tbh, we had such a blast. Was the finishing 5th season n'all. The Sandwich Co just around the corner was cracking as well. And an Italian which Srnicek was somehow involved in, I think.
  3. But honest Steve says we've got no money? I really have no clue how English football's money situation - where finances become constantly inflated and clubs spend beyond their own means, thanks either to ambitious owner-benefactors or through overspending just to keep up - will ever be repaired. There's no such thing as a silver bullet or even a 'path of least resistance' when every proposal results in your hypercapitalist model becoming collectively less lucrative (net); it's just a total contradiction. The modus operandi is to make more and more money and the existin
  4. Yorkie

    Tokyo 2020

    Alex Scott doing a really sketchy job of being full on presenter.
  5. That would knacker the Willock prospect.
  6. Exactly what I was on about the other day. I bet this opinion is rife among the matchgoing support.
  7. I get that but there's thousands of football matches in the fixture list. I'm planning to take in some of the 92 this season for the same reasons you've stated (and also just because I fancy seeing some different grounds/places). If you miss live footy you don't have to go to a Newcastle game, so there must be another reason for doing so. And if you're accepting that there's no real point to actually doing so, that's where it just seems like a contradiction. Why willingly have the piss taken out of you?
  8. Don't take this as getting at you cos I know you tend not to side with the majority view here and that's fine; but what is it about going to any game at all that appeals to you - particularly given what you've said about the inevitable season that lies ahead?
  9. Doesn't want to bullshit the fans!! Honest and realistic my fucking hole. The whole operation is disingenuous to the extreme. Laughable how melts like Chris Waugh get taken in by a few soundbites.
  10. It is true that we have a small budget. It is also true that we are very much in the shadows of certain clubs. What's totally unacceptable is the compliance and promotion of these facts by the person in arguably the most influential role at the club. It's that sort of attitude which has at least partially caused those facts to be so, all having started with Pardew.
  11. Those who've already voted (in the original poll) have lost their votes and can't vote again though, I don't think... Ah well, I think we knew how the story went.
  12. Oh blimey, I think you've knackered it, @Mike. Hope that wasn't for my sake re the wanting em to lose comment/suggestion.
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