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  2. There were a few like but yeah, altogether I think it was pretty minimal on the whole. Only one group of pretend-thobe wearers who were making a particularly big scene, near the Bobby statue. One of em was screaming how they were the king so to make sure the cameras got them. Banter. The rest of what I saw was just the odd tea towel. Dunno. Feel like I need to reflect what @Darth Crooks said in terms of "I know, I know, aren't I a killjoy," but I do find it a bit embarrassing and was quite relieved that it was a pretty small minority.
  3. Hilariously predictable what's happened to him, like.
  4. Aye, Lascelles could easily have been in contention for England. Hayden too at a push. All fucked by their decisions and Bruce.
  5. Darlow, Lascelles, Clark, Hayden, Shelvey, Ritchie. Might as well chuck Gouffran and Anita in ffs.
  6. That early goal was a lovely moment, has to be said. I loved the emotion in those early moments. Wor Flags, the noise, Yasir looking genuinely overwhelmed by the occasion with his young lass at his side, that rapid move across the pitch and, as Manquillo ran onto it, you just knew it was going in once he delivered it. Cue jubilation and the pictures of people in the owners seats who weren't Ashley and Charnley, going bonkers and reaching an incredible crescendo of these past 10 days. It was tremendous and I actually felt a bit emotional. What followed was everything that those mom
  7. Thought Joelinton was fantastic those first ten minutes. Still a big nowt, like. Bloke will never have a position. He's just a man who can kick a ball a bit; genuinely dunno if he'd be any worse at full-back than he is at LW or CF.
  8. From what I saw the were significantly fewer than 'hundreds and hundreds' but it appeared those that were dressed as such got a lot of coverage in front of cameras. Particularly outside that bit where it says 'Newcastle United' and at Nine Bar. Never mind. Hopefully they'll get bored soon and stop embarrassing the rest of us.
  9. Enjoyed wandering about the ground pre-game and had a fun "boo" when the Spurs buses turned up. Was basically back to status quo by 16:45 though. The feelings are there but they're buried pretty deep atm.
  10. Yorkie

    Steve Bruce

    Tyler's been out of touch for about ten years. Agueroetc should've been his curtain call. Just a disinterested, unenthusiastic old bloke now. I mean, he's genuinely just an old man, same age as Motson ffs. Let him retire.
  11. Don't think I've seen a single thobe or tea towel without a camera pointed at it. Ah well.
  12. I just think it makes us look like we're more interested in celebrating the extremely questionable origin of our new wealth, rather than us having a sense of "getting our club back" and/or being as aware and as sensitive as possible to what's happening in that part of the world, which is suddenly relevant to us. It's culturally insensitive and makes us appear complicit in the blatant sportswashing. The media has jumped on it and presented the impression that we're all a pile of bootlickers, which isn't something I think is actually true of the vast, vast majority of the fanbase. T
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