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  1. 22 today. Similar to takeover day, ironically; though I'd probably define this moreso as an invasion than a takeover.
  2. I reckon we should have a N-O Zoom trivia night and do icebreakers.
  3. https://www.google.com/search?q=red+robot+character&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwjxv-vB3cr1AhW2VvEDHS9sDXoQ2-cCegQIABAC&oq=red+robot+character&gs_lcp=ChJtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1pbWcQAzIFCAAQgAQyBggAEAgQHjIGCAAQCBAeMgYIABAIEB46BwgjEO8DECdQlgZY0Rtg1SJoAHAAeACAAZoBiAGYCJIBAzAuOJgBAKABAcABAQ&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-img&ei=X8nuYbGUNLatxc8Pr9i10Ac&bih=726&biw=384&client=ms-android-samsung-gj-rev1&prmd=sivxn Can't find the avatar like...
  4. In all seriousness, sorry to hear that, I'd be heartbroken if this place just disappeared from existence without warning. Goes without saying that it'd be great to have you and any other good posters contributing here. Welcome.
  5. I came here via something called Sundayleague which was basically a fictional version of Fantasy Football. Username on there was Predator cos I was a nerd and a twat and remain so.
  6. Alli had the potential to go right to the very very top and still might. The more I think about it, the more I want us to give him a shot, probably moreso than Lingard.
  7. Alli and Lingard would be exciting as fuck tbh. Should go and get Loftus-Cheek and relive that belter Panama World Cup game every week.
  8. Aye because Bruce is a piece of shit and his son is a piece of shit shit out by another piece of shit. Whereas I've actually got a bit of faith that Howe actually knows what he's doing and that he'll have spent more than a microsecond weighing-up 'the optics' of such a move. Unlike Bruce, he'll have the word 'nepotism' in his lexicon and will have adjudged that the benefit of the appointment will outweigh the impacts of any raised eyebrows.
  9. The context dictates that Howe's job is to keep us up and stabilise the team, imo. How well he performs that task will determine whether or not he's chosen to 'kick us on'. If they don't fancy him for that, he'll be replaced, but in the mean time they need to provide him with the resources to resolve the immediate issues.
  10. Some of the criticism over stuff like this really surprises me when you consider where we're starting from. The threadbare corporate structure, the skeleton staff and the absolutely desperate position in the league table has meant the owners had to (at least in the short term) invest in a more traditional 'manager' setup - as opposed to DoF + Head Coach, which is obviously the long-term intention. I'd bet that they're currently relying on Howe to undertake certain roles that they wouldn't ideally have preferred from the person in his position, such is the situation. So that means
  11. It's his nephew but it's also his colleague of ten years at an incredibly successful operation. You can't deny there's a dash of nepotism but Howe (Eddie) isn't an idiot and nor is he unprofessional enough to recruit someone simply as a favour. He's not going to take unnecessary risks given his position; if he fails here he will almost certainly be occupying dugouts in the Football League in his next job(s). We're not talking Ashley/Kinnear here. The guy actually has one or two credentials by the sound of it. Don't really care for this 'richest club in the world' sarc
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