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    I never even realised this till just before this whole Covid thing started - whenever I followed us away in London i'd always be drinking on the tube, hundreds of others were as well of course so not like they could do much, but I never realised that it was actually illegal. When i've been down with the Mrs i'll sometimes have a can on the tube as well on the way to the hotel or whatever. Just brazenly breaking the law like a right dickhead
  2. Think it looks pretty good, sponsor aside, with the current sponsor it's the best we could probably hope for - only other thing for me, the back stripe is a lighter black than the rest of the black stripes etc, looks ridiculous and ruins the back of it, not sure why it's like that
  3. Nervous as fuck now like. Been up since 5am, no chance of getting back to sleep once I started thinking about the game. It's massive, if we win this then we genuinely have a real chance of getting to the final, well winning the whole thing really. Not saying we will win the whole thing, but there's no reason we can't beat any of the teams left in (I realise most the other sides will be thinking they can beat us as well) but it's so up in the air. We have the advantage of Wembley assuming we get past Sweden or Ukraine on Saturday as well. Finishing work in 15 minutes and
  4. NUFCDoog


    There was a technical issue yesterday too so some cases were added to today’s total, so not quite the jump as it seems. Still all positive noises out of the government and scientists today in regard to 19th July so I can only think they’re not to worried about all these cases. Still seems mad to me but I guess the vaccines have changed the game
  5. Christ I can’t stand Wales, build ups genuinely make me angry. I know it’s petty as fuck but they were actively celebrating us being knocked out in 16 and most of them want us out this tournament and don’t give a fuck about us, so I hate this expectancy that we should support them because they’re a home nation
  6. NUFCDoog


    The more people we seem to be getting protected the higher the cases seem to keep going though I know it takes time and stuff for full protection but this amount of cases is mental, it’s crazy high and rising at a much quicker rate than it did in November. Deaths are jumping up as well which is inevitable with so many new cases and same with hospital admissions, I guess we must hope to fuck these vaccines are going to work but the rise in cases is really worrying me
  7. NUFCDoog


    Over 18,000 cases today, it’s clearly getting out of control again annoyingly. I just don’t understand how things like Silverstone etc are being told they can have 140,000 in a few weeks, how Wembley is going to be able to let all the fans in over the next few weeks. We’re 8000 up on last Saturday, by the time the Euros final comes round we’re going to be closing in on 50,000 cases a day the way things are going, even worse for when we supposedly open up on the 19th. It literally feels like November all over again, can’t see anything but further restrictions
  8. If we had beaten Croatia and Scotland, I would have been happy with us playing a weaker side tonight and settling for second, like in 2018, however with the result and performance on Friday we really need to going all out to put on a show and win. If we end up drawing this and limping into the last 16 we'll have absolutely no momentum at all and it wouldn't shock me to see us go out in the last 16 there. If we can get a good win tonight and face one of the big guns at Wembley, full of confidence with a decent crowd behind us, then who knows. For the record I think we go
  9. Scandalous. We're on dodgy ground here as I think it's becoming apparent that Scotland are very clearly lying about Gilmour not coming into contact with ANY of their squad. There's absolutely no chance Mount and Chilwell were the only two people that got that close to Gilmour for that time. There's pictures ffs of Clarke hugging him and Mcginn and Robertson with him, and that's just what we know of. They were all hugging after the game etc and would have been in the changing room after. It makes no sense.
  10. Doesn’t matter if they test negative though, once you’re identified as a close contact you have to self isolate. Can see this one kicking off as the wording of England’s statement seems to be we’re trying to get round it and football again might get a pass that us normal people wouldn’t get. If Mount and Chilwell have to self isolate due to that though then the whole Scotland squad will need to surely as they’ve definitely been as close to him as that, Clarke was hugging him at the end ffs and there’s video of Robertson and Mginn playing table tennis with him etc. It’s
  11. Hard to know where Wales are really as it becomes more evident just how bad Turkey are, decent draw with Switzerland, but the Swiss were the better team, win against Turkey doesn't look like it was much and now being outplayed here. No shame in losing to Italy obviously but it's telling. Wouldn't expect them to go much further in the tournament
  12. Been the best day of the tournament so far for me, there's been some decent games but it's all been a tad dull in general overall, but this afternoon has been really good. Hopefully Spain/Poland will both have a go tonight, you'd think they would so could really top it off
  13. Decent game this, I've kinda struggled to get into the tournament so far despite watching all the games, not sure what it is but just finding a lot of it a bit dull, this feels like a proper match though where the tournament takes off
  14. Incredible to see a full stadium like. Genuinely think I’ll be a bit emotional when we finally see a full one in England
  15. If the game keeps playing out like this can see Sweden nicking it here
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