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  1. Wonder how long the Sports Direct shite will still be plastered all over the stadium, wasn’t there some talk last year that as part of the deal the signage would remain? Even if they could just get it down off the East Stand for now, hate how it ruins the Newcastle United lettering. Probably be there rest of this season I guess
  2. How many season tickets are we allowed to sell does anyone know? Isn’t it like 35,000? They have to keep some back for public/members sale I believe? Plus hospitality, away fans etc. Couldn’t justify buying a season ticket as won’t get to every game so just wondering how many will be left over game to game to scramble for with a membership
  3. Yeah and even though they did go down the other year, that’s just one season, before then for years and now after, they’ve operated with the same premise of changing manager every few months and it’s worked, so pointless focusing on that one year it didn’t when for plenty of others it did and looks like it could continue to do so. ManDoon is right, it’s all about who comes in and the squad and whilst Watford’s is nothing special they have a knack of getting enough out of them with a change of manager regularly. It’s not for every one and as we’ve seen at loads of other
  4. The thing is it works though, Watford have done this for years and it got them into the premier league where they established themselves for a few years before going down, but then now they’re straight back up and doing alright; all the while changing manager every few months. Its a weird one because it’s not the norm but it has worked for them
  5. Hughton getting sacked in the morning
  6. Sherwood sounds pissed up That or he’s having a stroke
  7. Worry about Leeds this season, I know they’ve had a tough start but they seem even worse defensively this season and going forward not as good, not good signs for them, crowd have gone silent too
  8. NUFCDoog


    Nah days of lockdown are gone, no way we'll return to that, the infections are still fairly steady even with the kids being back a few weeks, gone up slightly but nothing major, crowds at football and festivals have been back for over 6 weeks now and the new cases are still around the same as they were early August so with more people getting vaccinated every single day its hard to see how it'd get that bad for a lockdown to be enforced. I saw the government are going to get rid of their legislation power to ban mass gatherings and crowds at large events this week, as well as being
  9. It’s so difficult to rate Man Utd and know where they are, been rubbish again today and are going to win, whenever I watch them, going back to last season, they never seem that good but pick up a ridiculous amount of points, it’s unreal, Wolves should have been out of sight today
  10. Eurgh, game completely ruined, hate when stuff like this happens
  11. Really poor by Armstrong there, should have done better with the finish and with the header at the back post. Guaranteed to score against us next week.
  12. Standard Man Utd this, swear they go 1 nil down in pretty much every away game and then end up winning it whilst not looking great, it’s weird
  13. No end of empty seats at Southampton
  14. Sol always looks so fucking miserable man, don’t know why they have him on, aside from ticking a box, looks like he wants to he anywhere else and is ready for an argument at any minute. They didn’t cut to him after speaking to Keane and Souness at one point and you saw him look to the side and get pissed off. Such a chip on his shoulder and comes across like a right dickhead
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