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  1. Decent game this, I've kinda struggled to get into the tournament so far despite watching all the games, not sure what it is but just finding a lot of it a bit dull, this feels like a proper match though where the tournament takes off
  2. Incredible to see a full stadium like. Genuinely think I’ll be a bit emotional when we finally see a full one in England
  3. If the game keeps playing out like this can see Sweden nicking it here
  4. Doesn’t matter how shit Scotland are they always play out of their skin against England, no chance it’ll be a hammering on Friday
  5. I assume ITV and BBC are going to come back on air to show the games? Neither showing any signs of it at the minute
  6. Yeah you would think they must have had concrete word from the hospital that he’s ok and will be ok for them to decide to continue
  7. BBC news just said Belgium Russia is going ahead. ITV not on air with it yet though
  8. Wonder how long there'll be fans at Wembley for these games, with cases going up and up i'd imagine there wont be any fans allowed by the time we get to the quarter final stage, if it lasts that long. Buzzing for it to start and these games, but got a real feeling its going to be ruined within a week or two.
  9. NUFCDoog


    60% more transmissible and vaccines not as effective - that's the summer fucked then
  10. NUFCDoog


    Drakeford reckons Social Distancing could be in Wales for the rest of the year. Absolute madness.
  11. Honestly think we’ll lose to Scotland and it’s killing me, had a horrendous feeling about the game last couple of months
  12. NUFCDoog


    Hospitalisations are definitely increasing like, not at a huge rate but they are. Deaths will be low at the minute, we've only just started getting the new cases so will be a month or so before we see the deaths. I dunno man, it's just giving me that sinking feeling seeing them rise again, especially almost double in a week, I want to be optimistic but it's hard. I'm driving myself mad with it like so need to calm down, I am literally obsessed with reading everything about COVID all day on the news etc, it's no good for my mental health but I can't help it, I just want things back t
  13. NUFCDoog


    Cases are increasing at an alarming rate now, over 4,000 today, nearly double last week - it's got a horrible feel to it seeing them gradually going up again, feels just like last time. I think it's a given 21st June isnt happening now, I'm just worried we might step back further, indoor mixing in pubs etc being banned by next weekend I imagine.
  14. Just got to hope Blackpool turn up for the final, Lincoln are awful
  15. To hear the commentators you would think Sunderland are 6-0 down from the first leg, talking about how much of an uphill task it is, first goal is a lifeline etc, it was only 2-0 man, Lincoln are offering nothing here just like I expected, reckon this could be 3-4 nil at least
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