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  1. Only team that's going to stop Arsenal winning the league this season is Arsenal themselves. This City side aren't up to it, no chance they're going on any sort of run and have no faith in them winning difficult away games, they're in a proper transition period, genuinely think they won't win a title for the next 2-3 years at least, maybe more with the likes of Man Utd, Arsenal and even us looking to improve massively.
  2. It's one of them though, I completely understand your point and accept it, however it's relative and context that make people feel how we feel. At the start of the season, out of context if someone had said we'd be where we are now and with the cup fun, we'd be fucking dancing from the ceiling and it'd be unbelievable, but the fact is we've got/had a genuine chance at the top 4 and we're fucking it up, its so frustrating, there's no way that next season spurs, Chelsea and Liverpool will be as bad as they are so it's such a great chance to get ahead of them. Performances like the last few weeks are so frustrating and the main annoyance for me is that we didn't properly strengthen in January when we could've done and it would have solidified our spot.
  3. Shite this like, not strengthening in January is going to cost us top 4, we're only missing Bruno and look fucking hopeless, never looked like scoring since they equalised. We're massively overacheiving in the position we're in and nights like tonight highlight that, we can't cope against teams that set up to nullify us because we're not good enough yet, 4 draws from the last 5 and the one we didn't draw we should've lost. I know this will seem negative, and we're obviously having a great season, but there's a long long way to go before we can class ourselves as a top team, it's so frustrating. I appreciate we're ahead of where we thought we wouod be, but why the fuck did we not strengthen properly in January, we could've basically assured top 4, instead we'll miss out and it'll be a shit end to the season
  4. Thing is there if he doesn't dive and just continues on, the leg comes out so he would have been fouled, bloody muppet diving before
  5. Was my first ever game at SJP that one, the 4 nil. Great memories, my dad had took me up a few weeks earlier for the Barcelona friendly, not expecting it to sell out he hadn't sorted tickets, we got there and there was none left. I was devastated, tears, tantrum the lot...and that was just my dad! We were just about to head back home then had the idea of checking if there was any tickets left for the first home game and thankfully got some in level 7 for the West Ham match. Turned out to be the perfect first home game, was 0-0 at half time as well! Repeat that tomorrow would be just fine.
  6. Going to drag so much to Wednesday man, I'm an anxiety ridden wreck at the minute, know I probably should be ok in period 3, but I think it'll be touch and go and its making me nervous as fuck. Can't imagine the euphoria on Wednesday if I get one, think it'll match us actually getting to the bloody final haha
  7. I'm the same and initially I thought so. But thinking about it now I'm not sure, we've got a good chance but I'm pretty sure it will sell out in period 3 so could be iffy. There's about 13000 fans with 25 points and above and then couple that with period 2 which might take a few hundred more, I'm anticipating there'll be about 14000 sold in them sale periods. So when you discount corporate I would imagine that leaves around 12000 tickets left for period 3 and I would safely assume more than 12000 fit the criteria so it'll be touch and go
  8. So there'll be about 15000 in period 1, if they all went to one cup game, an additional 2000 in period 2 potentially for thr tranmere allocation, though some of them will be in period 1 also. So there should be a good 10/12000 for period 3....the fact it doesn't mention a ballot for that makes me think they have enough for period 3 to all get one but we'll see
  9. Heart skipped a beat reading that haha. I'm in period 3 and they mention ballots from period 4 onwards so I would imagine period 1 2 and 3 are pretty much guaranteed a ticket...
  10. Can't wait for then just to release the ticket news and then I can look forward to the final one way or another. At the minute I'm in constant anxiety over whether I'll get a ticket or not  Least will soon know either way if its possible and can sort stuff/get over it from there and focus on the actual thing itself . Been to all 4 of the home games and got 8 points on my current ST since getting it back so should be alright all being well but still!
  11. We'll batter these in this like, honestly think it'll be at least 3/4 nil, we're off to Wembley lads
  12. Quite relaxed for this one to be fair. I don't see a situation where we're out of the tie after tonight, even a 2 nil defeat I'd be confident we could give that a good go to turn around next week. I think because it's not all or nothing on this game it's made me just look forward to it, but more with an eye to next week.
  13. Lack of goals is becoming a real issue now, if its not addressed it's going to cost us
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