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  1. You're confident, that this is the guy to do it?
  2. Its obvious to us all though that they're having us over, right? But we're just hoping he does a Willock, and we dont end up with egg on our faces.
  3. A 10m loan for a player who's free in a few months? Reeks of desperation.
  4. Could that mean though the Dele Alli rumours are true if Spurs buy Kessie?
  5. Actually, genius! I take it you mean turning into an emoji and able to use in post on the forum? @Yorkie @midds Can this be done
  6. Yeah, it's just a bit weird, when members act like you said something they said. Its borderline schizophrenic. Think he's just a Wum, I'll move on.
  7. I think you need to go back and read your replies from the beginning? Are people pissed, or stoned, when they reply? Happens a lot on here.
  8. I never brought it up? You did. I only mentioned the oldskool way of footy updates. Then you decided to educate us all on the perverse side of teletext.
  9. You've got to be positive about this one, they're the worst form in the league right now, plus hopefully, we will be stronger with a few new additions. A great time to have a break and reset, plan for this fixture. You'd imagine they'd also have a new manager, as they will likely use this time to search. Will be an interesting game, looking forward to it.
  10. Naa I played Bamboozle with me nan also. So you just used it to send SMS for an expensive wank?
  11. No brother, 301 was just football as far as I can remember. There was no wanking for 10p down the other end of a landline? Maybe in Portugal, it's better?
  12. mighty__mag


    I've just played a few games after, what,, possibly 4 months of not bothering, got to say, I'm not even sure if I like it at all anymore. It just annoys me, take no pleasure in playing it that much at all. In fact, I'd be surprised if I play it again, after this.
  13. Its infectious 😁 Well 🤔 ..... For tonight anyway, 😉
  14. When he had a similar player with guile behind him like Willems, he had more freedom and that doubling/triple up on him wouldn't be as simple with a good fullback partnering him,I think of the good times when Jonas and Enrique had a brilliant understanding. But when we have the same kind of talent on the right, and creative and skillful types in the middle, teams will struggle to even double up on ASM, because they'll have to much to think about across the front, if we stay up and really strengthen in other positions, then ASM is going to thrive. 👍🏻 Easily
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