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  1. Spot on here. Caught up in the moment, dressing up as rich Sheikhs, (because it's about the investment) for most of them who have poor politics. Fucking hell its basically fancy dress. The saudi flags are a bit of a piss take, yes. But banter outfits after 14 years of shite? Btw, any of you who contradict yourselves by bashing a few numptys for dressing up, but then fuck off out on polling day and stick an X next to your local Tory MP, go take a look in the mirror, Fucking different story when its about your own finances πŸ‘πŸ» These i
  2. For all you Millennials, watch the entertainers that should follow the match on sky, it will take your mind of this depressing match, but will equally give you hope of what life mike be like in 4 or 5 years. πŸ‘πŸ»
  3. Has a manager ever been sacked at half time before? We could start a trend
  4. Complete mess this. Might as well forget the first 2 minutes, and write the game off now. Hopefully it's a clear message to Mandy that there's serious work that needs to be done.
  5. On the topic of health, is Kieron Dyer well? He looks gaunt and his eyes are very yellow. Just in observation,
  6. Brilliant to see Reguilon and Dier equally, raising such concern. Excellent response, those precious minutes save lives. Big respect to those Spurs lads.
  7. The nerves and lack of organisation, you could also say leadership, in the defence and team defending as a whole, is terrible.
  8. Good to see Joelinton has totally switched off now, after a good start πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
  9. Back in the 90s when our big players like Beardsley,Cole,Ginola, Shearer etc got on the ball, the roar came out, it's back, it seems to be happening everytime ASM get the ball and moves forward. But that roar, has been missed.
  10. Joelintons best start this, he looks full of it.
  11. Potter Thomas Frank Marcelo Gallardo
  12. I was only describing what the video looked like (to me), its difficult to know what he'll do next. I've been around long enough to know, that there's been some terrible managers, and somebody will still employ them, hypothetically, take Derby, if Ashley did buy them, and he offered the manager role to Bruce, I think Bruce would take it. Mentally though I watched that video, and thought for his wellbeing he should retire. πŸ‘πŸ»
  13. Watched his interview or whatever it was supposed to be, it certainly wasn't a pre match press conference. However if you watch it muted and just look at him and his body language, then its obvious, he's broken ,he already knows something, and he appears deeply upset, I think he's genuinely gutted. A broken man. I think he should call it a day after this, 8m is a fortune, so its not like he needs to continue.
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