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  1. I'm not to arsed if we dont get that CM. Because I'd hope that the signing of Gordon and ASM getting much fitter and Sharper, Isak showing he can float about the entire front three, that this spells the end of Joelinton out wide, and we see him back with Bruno in the centre demolishing teams.
  2. What a smart arse reply. I'd only assume Ashworth, the owners, most hierarchy will be attending one of our most important home matches in years? Simply all I was getting at. I'm sure it's not just simply down to Ashworth to deal with signings, we still signed players before he came to us, but i get your cocky reply
  3. The only thing making me think we may not, is the cup tonight, I feel all the focus will be on getting into the final, and not on deadline day deals. But you just never know.
  4. He was excellent at WBA also, didnt have the goals as he wasn't used in the same way Palace used him, but he was the diamond in the turd at WBA.
  5. Howe was asked if he could leave and said: "Absolutely not. He is here to stay, and is an integral part of my team." Wor Eddie knows
  6. He's gonna be around for a while this fella, I can see him working with us after his playing career.
  7. Not going to be a fickle and say I'm suddenly pleased, it's one that will need to grow on me, but if the rumours about Maddison also coming in will easily smooth over any ill feeling towards this move.
  8. The Express are desperate to make a story about ASM leaving this window. Three made up stories this week.
  9. You're making it about angry fans again? Im only questioning him thinking missing training for 3 days is a good idea, and Howe has a good group here, top professionals. I'm pretty sure he could get into training unscathed, if he really wanted to, footballers are pretty well protected.
  10. Not bothered about their part, he's the paid professional, we have a team of brilliant characters and leaders. It just makes me wonder if his attitude is not a good fit for us.
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