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  1. Thumbheed

    Steve Bruce

    Oh aye, 100% Jones responsible for that, but I was just replying to the comment saying we hadn't improved, when I think we have.
  2. Thumbheed

    Steve Bruce

    Nah, I think our attacking play has come on leaps and bounds. We're creating more, getting men forward, seem to have an actual plan, defensively though, we're shite.
  3. Thumbheed

    Steve Bruce

    We have improved to be fair, we're just still crap though.
  4. Irrespective of the implications of the change, the bottom line seems to be that PIF do appear to still be on board...
  5. Would getting relegated be advantageous to Ashley if the CAT case were to run?
  6. Aye, he's gone from complaining about having an embaressment of riches in a defence which was "too drilled" and blamed Rafa for that(which meant he had to park his signature free flowing football), to now saying it's the personnel of the defence that isn't good enough and that's why we're poor defensively as it couldn't possibly be his shit defensive coaching which he's now responsible for that could be why we're shite. Classic Steve Bruce deflection tactics.
  7. They formed the company the same day they completed the purchase?
  8. I predict we'll see a lot more praise for Shelvey this year and that will be despite his glaring limitations as a player. I dont think that will be because he's suddenly shown himself to be a good player but because the tactics will bring out his best asset. My belief is once you show yourself to be a good player, then you always have that in you and there's only 2 or 3 things which stop you from getting that to those same heights; tactics, mentality and injuries. At 24 I don't think his injury will be the things that's holding him back as much as tactics and confiden
  9. He has been poor but I do wonder which midfielder whose main asset is his passing ability would thrive in a team with little movement, direction and positional awareness? A pass is only as good as the movement and the positioning of the players that are receiving the pass and it's fair to say we've had none of that the past 2 seasons. I also don't think it's a coincidence that our most affective midfielders have players who are good ball carriers or players who break up play as neither skills are dependent on the movement of other players so for me it's far too prematu
  10. The regression of players has been my go to argument anytime anyone's come back with the "but Bruce has managed the same points as Rafa" shite. I'm yet to hear a reasonable explanation for why the value of the majority of our players has plummeted since Bruce took over and another reason why I don't buy into this 'we have championship standard players' narrative. It's plainly wrong when we had the likes of Lascelles and Shelvey being talked up for an England place by the media of all people. Edit: There's only 3 players in this team that I'd be gutted about leaving an
  11. Naaah, defo not. If rumours are true and Rafa wants him he wants him for a reason. Longstaff is suffering from the fact the team lacked any intensity like it had under Rafa. He's was absolutely brillaint when he was working his billocks off and playing forward as much as he could. Thought he suffered the most from Bruce's clearly complacent coaching. Matty on the other hand is tidy bit I don't see anything in him that makes him special, but Sean's got something. I'm sure of it.
  12. Aye exactly. Always surprises me when pundits and fans slate managers for poor results but the players get the brunt of the stick for poor performances as if both of mutually exclusive. Sickens me to see players like Almiron, Longstaff, Lascelles and Schar stagnate when we absolutely know there's quality in all of them with the right set up and coaching.
  13. I still think there's there's top quality player in there and have a feeling he might break through again this year.
  14. Could be wrong but I haven't seen anyone rabidly defend any ITK account, so don't know why there's this narrative that the 'optimists' of this thread are taking everything posted as gospel. Happy to be corrected if I'm wrong. I use this thread to escape the reality of supporting this club and lokis posts in the 'what are you eating thread as a totem to get back to reality. Why do we have to have 10 pages of strawman arguments from the same select few posters every 2-3 days?
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