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  1. I think they'll be fully on board this move as I imagine he'll be the intermediary between PIF and the club that will speed up the decision making process for AS et al.
  2. Nearly 5 months later and it's still all too surreal for me. I hope I never get used to this.
  3. Even if Alli couldn't bring the goals with him, his quality on the ball would still be invaluable to us. Loan with option to buy could be a good deal for us.
  4. I think he was closer to Ginola than he was Messi.
  5. If this boy had better decision making skills he wouldn't be playing for us. Imagine an equally dangerous winger on the other side though....
  6. Really pleased for him. Said it in another thread but he's done brilliantly to galvanise the squad under these circumstances.
  7. Really good win today with some excellent individual performances, hope we can build some momentum from that. Think the most pleasing thing to see was the team spirit, everyone was really fighting for that win. Said it for a while now but we do desperately need some attacking players in.
  8. No idea what to do within 30 yards of their goal, otherwise not doing too badly.
  9. Perhaps, and we're likely never to know but I do think we offer a completely different proposition to Everton as we're one of the few clubs in the world without a glass ceiling. And as for structure,we'll don't have it yet, but it's clearly something we're looking to address. Our public pursuit of Dan Ashworth helps that's narrative. Final point is he's clearly prepared to go down as he's essentially I that position every season (or should be) with Brighton.
  10. I think Potter could be tempted. I honestly think we missed a trick not pursuing him. In hindsight of course.
  11. If Howe was allowed to take us down, I think I'd be massively disappointed.
  12. Why would the loaning side ever entertain this? Seems like they only lose from this.
  13. How does a loan work if you'd be out of contract by the end of it?
  14. I thought about this too, but if ESL ever took off again we'd still not be invited anyway.
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