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  1. Same something about him that's really unlikeable
  2. No ground groans as good as Goodison Park does
  3. What's the most Monday night football match you can think of? Think probably Everton v Spurs for me
  4. Think I'd leave after 27 mins out of boredom. Dreadful game
  5. Mass walkout at 27 mins in the Everton game apparently. Let's see how that goes
  6. joeyt


    That was my thought too, mad money
  7. Bellamy at Feyenoord? I absolutely loved Robert's goal at Highbury in the 1-3
  8. What was your favourite ever Newcastle goal not scored at SJP?
  9. joeyt

    Transfer rumours

    Ake would be ideal left centre back for me
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