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  1. Beetlejuice - not sure what Tim Burton and the writers were smoking when they made this but it was one of the trippiest weird films I've ever seen. Think I enjoyed it though.
  2. The year is 2057 and Billy Sharp is still scoring for Sheff Utd
  3. I mean there's plenty of talk about making things more equal but there doesn't seem to be any alternative suggestions to how they're doing it? Other than a completely random ballot for all 'Newcastle' fans? 'Newcastle' in inverted commas because it's bound to attract touts and people who have no desire to go, just wanting to sell for a profit
  4. I mean ideally and philosophically you'd be able to quantify everybody's loyalty and the most loyal/deserving fans would get the tickets But the only quantifying way to do that is through season tickets and ticket history. I'm not sure what else the club could have done or could do in the future?
  5. You'd also have a load of people entering the ballot who have no intention to go and just want to sell the ticket for thousands of pounds
  6. Wasn't he voted best player in Serie A last season? And put on a longlist for the Balloon d'Or You'd think if he's had a poor season it would be due to bad form rather than poor ability
  7. Pretty much confirmed as murder-suicide from the husband
  8. One of my favourite films. Scarlett was incredible in the 2000s Vicky Cristina Barcelona she looks ridiculous in it
  9. Carlos Quieroz new manager of Qatar. Loves managing nations with bad human rights and loads of money
  10. Sometimes I'm still in the mindset of being jealous of clubs who sack their managers who enter the slightest bit of bad form when we were stuck in the Ashley years and no matter what our form we were still stuck with Pardew or Bruce
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