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  1. The Yorkshire Pirlo tag for Phillips is so weird when he doesn't play anything like him. For all he played well on Sunday, thought he was pretty poor today just like the rest of them. Mings probably the only one who gets any credit
  2. Yeah I think Mount has been decent, has given Gilmour the run around
  3. That's one of the worst decisions I've ever seen
  4. Loads of empty seats cos the Scots are wanting to watch their game an hour after this one finishes? Or is Hampden at full Covid capacity?
  5. You'd think James is starting to nullify the Robertson/Tierney threat
  6. Weather's dreadful in London today apparently
  7. Completely forgot about Mbabu. Was just surprised to get a starting XI out of it
  8. joeyt


    Osaka not playing Wimbledon
  9. joeyt

    Cricket 2.0

    On fire in all comps this season
  10. Dubravka Krafth Hanley Satka van Aanholt Sissoko Schar Wijnaldum Lazaro Fraser de Jong Subs: Sels, Krul
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