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  1. Okay a few things. Absolutely ecstactic Giannis won the chip, the discourse around him having "no bag" and Middleton is Batman was starting to really piss me off. Obviously as a Pelicans fan i couldn't be happier for Jrue, dude deserves it. Continuing that we announced Suns Assistant Willie Green as our Head coach today. I won't pretend i know anything about his Coaching credentials but i hope the FO supports him with a roster that makes sense. We sure as hell didn't do that with Stan, but I'm excited until it's obvious we're trash again.
  2. Respect to CP, dropping 41 in a elimination game to get to the finals is an all timer level performance. Really happy for him and Monty.
  3. I have to say it's really impressive that the Bucks are in the conference finals and only lost game 1 by 3 despite having no head coach.
  4. Can see this used a lot
  5. The very same can't say I'm shocked.
  6. There's a report going around that Sixers had plans of putting Simmons through extensive workouts last summer to get better at his shooting and other skills. But his agent put the nix on it, which explains a lot....
  7. Imagine how angry Embiid must be lol, dude is dropping 30+ on a torn meniscus and he sees his so called "Robin" pass up wide open dunks.
  8. Feel really conflicted. Happy for Giannis getting over the hump but the Bucks were so dumb in this series , i haven't seen so much idiocy in a playoff series in a long time. I also wanted to see Durant's fantastic play get rewarded so very mixed emotions coming out of that.
  9. Ngl tho it feels good to see the Souffle Shawn Bradley get exposed in the playoffs for like the 6th year in the row.
  10. Utah Imagine going home because you can't guard Reggie Jackson and Terrance Mann.
  11. I'm all the way out on Ben Simmons, i don't care how good he is defensively the dude makes Draymond look like MJ on the offensive side. I genuinely would trade him. Also I'm happy for Paul George, people really hate him tho. They were damn quiet on twitter last night lol. You know people are haters when they're loud as fuck when someone sucks and when they're actually good they're quiet as a mouse.
  12. I was actually hyped by the Mario Party game. Looked like what i always wanted, i wish there was more boards mind. Maybe I'm being too hopeful but it seems like a good base for the future of the Mario Party games. The conference itself was kinda uninteresting to me after that and Metroid Dread tho. But two games I'm interested in is higher than usual so I'll take it.
  13. Griff basically denied the reports btw, so it doesn't really matter. But i stand by what i said before, if she was given the job i wouldn't hate it.
  14. This is comment based on respect right? Well the person in question has been an Assistant for us for like 3 years and the players love and credit her for improvements in their game. Zion specifically constantly gushes over her. So what you're saying here doesn't really apply. Not saying she'll get the job, but there's a reason not one Pelicans fan has reacted negatively to her being a candidate. I understand what you're saying, but i don't feel it applies here because she's been working with the players for extended periods and they all very much respect her
  15. Oh and Chris Paul is in Covid Protocol, what horrendous timing.
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