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  1. What formation was that? 433 with Taylor and Duff at fullback, midfield trio of Guthrie, Nolan and Butt?
  2. Godzilla is there to carry the fans from the escalators.
  3. Rafa is gone, isn't he? When was their last win, must have been ages ago?
  4. I mean more in terms of actual characters rather than just well designed bosses. Can't really think of a stand out one straight away, the only one that comes to mind is the bloke from the Far Cry game a few years back, but considering it's a media form when most games are building up to a big bad guy, feel like there should be plenty to choose from.
  5. It was the whole package that came with Ashley though, it's definitely not just the signs themselves. The SD signs reminded you every time you saw them of the neglect, hatred and tackiness of Ashley and his brands. If we were competing at the top end of the table, winning stuff and being Champions League regulars, I highly doubt people would be as against the SD signs would be as hated as they are.
  6. We'll be getting paid by the new sponsors though
  7. Nobody


    Usually takes about four weeks from infection to death, and omicron has only been known about for a bit more than a week.
  8. There's no way we win that game under Bruce btw. With Bruce in charge, there's no way we go for that second goal, instead we would have sat back as soon as we scored, inviting pressure from Burnley and most likely concede at least a couple.
  9. I'm as native in English as I am Swedish like I might have just worded the original question slightly wrong but thought it was pretty bloody obvious that I meant how many more games he needs to go without a booking to not get a suspension when he picks up his next yellow card Anyway, we've got this cleared now
  10. Mate "Any player earning five bookings from their side's first 19 Premier League matches will serve a one-match ban in the same competition. Yellow cards are not carried over to the EFL Cup or FA Cup. Players who accumulate 10 yellow cards in Premier League matches up to and including their team's 32nd fixture will serve a two-match suspension in the competition."
  11. After 32 games you need 15 bookings according to that.
  12. Nah, after 19 games apparently.
  13. When's the cut off point for 10 yellows for a suspension?
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