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    That's fucking glorious.
  2. Nobody

    Steve Bruce

    Would ANY other manager dare to come out with saying they've played well after another 4-1 drubbing? And I'm not just talking in the Premier League here now, I'm talking about the rest of the football World. He's suck a born loser, it's incredible how happy he is with losing.
  3. Good on them Swedish tele spent a decent time on the allegations before the game. Disgraceful how it was just swept under the carpet.
  4. I just can't get my head around wanting Man U and especially Ronaldo to do well here. It's what our pathetic excuse of a manager wants for a start, so that alone should make you want us to do something. And as for Ronaldo, sod that tax dodging rapist scum, can't be fucked with the media celebrating his comeback against us for the next 10 years.
  5. Honestly don't think there's ever been a game I've looked forward to less than this. Absolutely nothing in this for us, it's as obvious a loss as you'll get all season (decade, even), with the added bonus of the rapist coming on to score a few goals to everyones delight.
  6. One of the fastest players in the league last season, quite surprised to hear that.
  7. Nobody

    Steve Bruce

    Remember a couple of weeks ago when he said he wasn't going to talk us down or talk up the opposition any more? That lasted long
  8. The absolute balls on Sony to have claimed that God of War Ragnarök was coming out this year man Not even a release window given tonight, game is probably miles away from being done. Can't wait for it mind, definitely the most exciting game in the showcase for me.
  9. It just looks wrong, doesn't feel like The Matrix at all. It's like it's too polished or something.
  10. It's Seven Ashina Spears - Shume Masaji Oniwa. Really tough fight, though you can get some help by using Pupeteer Ninjutsu on the rifle man. I must say though, I just don't agree with your criticism of the game at all @OpenC. I think it's mechanically brilliant, absolutely love the balance between attack and defence. It's not quite as good as Bloodborne IMO, but that was arguably the best game of that generation so it's hardly a fair comparison. I've only played about half of Dark Souls 3 of the Souls games, but I much prefer this to that. Not saying its better, but it suits me a lot bett
  11. Nobody

    Comic Books/Movies/TV

    I don't feel anything I'm sure it'll be good, but it's just a bunch of dark scenes and trailer music, got no idea what sets it apart from the other Batman's we've had.
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