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  1. Wrong Ex-AIK striker, Isak played the ball to Quaison
  2. It was absolutely incredible. Still think IV is massively underrated now as well.
  3. Closing this for a bit again as discussion hasn't been take over relevant for a while now.
  4. I'd have Woodman ahead of Darlow like. Darlow had a decent spell while Dubs was out, but he really isn't a very good keeper. Might as well let Woodman take the step up from the youth teams.
  5. Don't know how he's done since, but would assume that season out with a knee injury hasn't helped.
  6. Mbappe is scary good. Needs to get out of PSG and not waste his career there like Neymar.
  7. Isak is so good Broke Zlatans record for most goals scored in one La Liga season by a Swede with 17 goals for Sociedad this season.
  8. Nobody


    For once, I agree with you. Absolutely incredible game.
  9. Jamaal Lewis was linked to them as well
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