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  1. Nobody

    Films in the pipeline

    Aye that looks good like
  2. Take its not Control, seeing as that was very well received?
  3. Nobody

    Gonçalo Ramos

    I'm about as active as a mod these days as Sting is Tbf That's not to say I'm not on here all the fucking time mind
  4. Nobody

    Gonçalo Ramos

    We were linked with soo many players in the summer man. This reached nearly 20 pages, and I don't even remember us being in for him until I read it on here
  5. Nobody


    Wrecking Ball can be incredibly effective on certain maps and with/against certain Comps. It's obviously not as prevalent any more, but against a team hiding behind a Rein shield, rolling into them all, getting the knock back and knock down plus extra health then starting to pump damage into the team opens up so much for the rest of your team. Plus it charges a very good ult rather quickly. If your team is not with you, or the other team is more scattered, then Wrecking ball is pretty useless Tbf. New characters always seems to be OP, so pretty good that they are keeping them out of competitive for the the first couple of weeks.
  6. He was fine in this and Dunkirk. Got no problem with him as an actor tbh.
  7. Nobody

    TV shows

    The Patient on Disney+ (or Hulu in America, I guess) is fucking fantastic. Gleeson is so good as the bad guy. Love that the episodes are around the 20 minutes mark, so rare in drama thriller series, but it works so well here.
  8. Don't Worry Darling Would have probably worked really well as a Black Mirror episode. Interesting idea for a story and it starts off decent enough, but felt like it was really dragging in the middle and once the reveal came there wasn't much substance or story left to be told.
  9. Nobody


    Didn't realise how much of a grind it's going to be to unlock new heroes until I had a few games this morning. Level 45 is absolutely ridiculous, never mind level 55 they had for season 1
  10. Biggest fraud in football. How he's had the club career he's had I'll never know. Still, Spain look a bit better with him playing than not
  11. Last ten minutes has opened up all of the sudden
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