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  1. It really does embarrass me but I don’t think it’s a strong argument for sportswashing. If your investments can convince a minority of idiots blissfully unaware/disinterested in human rights to wear tea towels, while simultaneously encouraging significantly higher media attention to their abuses, then you need to up your game in your sportswashing attempts.
  2. Good points without doubt, but often he’s picking the stupidest arguments people make online so it’s not hard really. As I’ve said before I’m pretty sceptical ‘sportswashing’ is all it’s made out to be also, but he’s just spoke about it like it’s an objective undeniable fact. Yes the takeover might get a few idiots waving Saudi flags, but the media coverage seems to have raised far more attention here to human rights abuses there, so I’m really not sure how that is effective overall. The ‘whataboutery’ about our government carries some weight also because football (not jus
  3. Umm the guy got stabbed? It doesn’t matter who he’s part of as it’s shocking this has happened. Or is he to blame because he’s not left wing enough? Hope he makes a full recovery.
  4. Did he call any of them a cous cous nonce though?
  5. St. Maximin


    Mount now playing Grealish’s role despite being ineffective for England… why not, err, just play Grealish there Gareth? I’m sure it’s not that risky a move.
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    Mount is a good player for Chelsea without doubt, but bang average for England if that. There is no reason he has to be a regular in the team sheet - I’ve said before it’s a typical English attitude in sport to be favouring the model pro and conservative options while being cynical of someone more maverick. For all Southgate has got right (quite a lot imo), it was pretty clear Grealish and Foden (and perhaps others) should have got more pitch time ahead of Mount in the Euros. Grealish is brilliant and his stats back that up. Not sure why some people are so keen to show he’s overrated
  7. Now he’s getting sacked we can just move on and he becomes irrelevant rather than a continued target of abuse. I don’t like or rate him and wish he’d walked ages ago, but I still don’t feel comfortable about abuse, at least now he’s going and won’t be our problem anymore. Can you really call out social media and it’s followers when celebrities take their lives but justify abuse when it’s your manager really? Find this a pretty conflicting issue because I can’t stand the bloke but at the same time he’s still a human.
  8. I feel no guilt but I like to think I’m a pretty sympathetic guy, so I find it hard not to feel sorry for the likes of Hatice Cengiz or other victims of the human rights abuses when I see Saudi investment celebrated like this. However, this is ultimately about business and not the Saudi state becoming heroes. They gain something here and so do we. I’m not sure how much involvement PIF will have in the day to day running of the club, but they could well be decent people involved in it as I imagine most Saudis are. They may not all have the moral compass of the Bin Salmans and the PIF
  9. Well said, I agree with all of this. Saying that (while knowing very little about the organisation), I also don’t want to be in a situation where everything to do with the Saudis is negative and we act like everyone associated with PIF supports the barbaric human rights abuses or that it’s all blood money etc. I don’t really buy this ‘sportswashing’ narrative AI like to keep referring to also. I feel the investment of countries like KSA, UAE and Qatar in sports has led to far more media attention on their human rights records, so I’ve learnt a lot more about them and to be honest, it’s not pos
  10. Having lived a few places growing up, I lived to Newcastle as a fan in 2008 for uni and stayed all the way until 2020, then moved to London during a pandemic. I’m all about timing.
  11. He’s stuck around long enough for the Saudis to come in and sack him before it gets even more hostile. Played a blinder.
  12. I don’t like Bruce at all but has he really pretended to be one of us? From the interviews I’ve seen he’s mentioned it being his boyhood club, basically admitting he couldn’t care less since becoming an adult.
  13. As someone of minimal knowledge to this case here, I feel this whole ‘proving separation’ crap should really be irrelevant. Irrespective of Bin Salman’s role, we’d be owned by the state; just not directly. It’s the decision to make a whole state a ‘director’ I find weird though and I don’t see where the basis for this is for unless they wanted to make this really difficult for us. If it’s any relevance, I work in the fun anti-financial crime world and so I’m very familiar with the phrase ‘ultimate beneficial owner’ that I’ve seen used here in relation to what the PL wanted the KSA st
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    Honestly YouTube and social media provides the perfect platform for idiots to spout their rubbish and covid has exacerbated it. Try and pay as little attention to it as possible - you’ll be much better off and they won’t be.
  15. While I agree on losing key players and would say only a few teams have significant depth, the back-up players of weaker teams look like far more competent Premier League players than our options like Gayle, Joelinton, Hendrick, Clark etc. Even Brighton, for example, were in a similar position to us last year and had nobody at ASM’s level, but I’d say far more reliable options across the field and on the bench when they beat us 3-0. The likes of Burnley and Southampton have several striker options even if they aren’t the best etc. Then even when we have a strong starting XI, it’s a pretty unde
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