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  1. State of that a top striker and a couple of good attacking midfielders and the rest of it bang average at tournament level and people think England have a chance
  2. Absolute clueless w***** he is another reason that puts me off England his selections are a joke. Imagine thinking a team with a dodgy keeper, dodgy centre halves and no centre mid capable of running a game has a chance man. Only in this country
  3. Racist so nobody can be against taking the knee now then. Ok.
  4. Maybe as they are the biggest committers of gun and knife crime and most it seems to happen in largely black areas? so makes sense they get searched. I bet plenty of white people get searched too just don’t have a chip on their shoulder about it. I don’t see the issue with been searched if they have nothing to hide and it’s for everyone’s safety I don’t get the issue it takes 30 seconds and helps keep gun and knife crime down. I don’t agree with taking the knee end of and incredible you think I’m in some minority. I bet 50% of the people you all know away from this board don’t agree
  5. Because he thinks he is hard done by and even said people want to see him fail just because he’s black. Aye looks like it doesn’t it with his pro Man U contact millions in the back and England armband on. People really want you to fail aye. What about millions of white people who have had f all and struggle to put food on the table they have more of a right to complain about not having any opportunities . I just don’t agree with this knee taking at all. That’s allowed isn’t it? Or is nobody allowed to disagree with it? And all who do are some raving national front lover despite seemingly at le
  6. I would say more and people people having social media is the main reason for that increase and what if it was racial abuse toward a white person which plenty of them cases may well be too. Another thing that made me angry was that bellend Jenas saying he will tell his son to not accept getting stopped and searched by police! Incredible. What is the issue with been searched if you have nothing to hide? What if his son was to become a victim of knife or gun crime because the police stopped searching people!?
  7. When did I say that stop putting words in my mouth man and accept there is plenty of people (millions) who don’t agree and/or don’t want to see knee taking before a football match. There only “abhorrent” as you and the pack on here don’t agree. Least I speak my mind. I bet 50% of the country would agree with me going off the reactions to the knee taking, speaking to people at work and online off this forum. Accept it’s a two way thing and people are allowed a different view to what is been pushed
  8. So you want it at zero? That’s never going to happen. I resent the way it’s been made out to be a problem and that we are a country of national front lovers over 0.0000000001% ( who may well not even be from this country) It’s like us having 5 people in jail for murder or rape and saying we have a massive problem with rape in this country. You are never going to get a crime, which is what racial abuse is, down to zero. Anyhow what a way to spend a Sunday morning cheers the FA. Might turn it on once the games started to hopefully watch Croatia pass England off the pitch an
  9. I know they don’t just saying it’s not all one way and that we aren’t a nation of national front lovers. I’ve said I’m open to accepting that is is probably slightly more of an issue than I think but i do believe it’s all been blown out of proportion and resent been made out like we are a country of racists where blacks can’t have anything when that’s so far from reality and the truth. Hearing Sterling is starting is enough to put me off regardless. And what about Mings?! How come it never gets mentioned he should be in jail for what he did to Oliverias face not pleading how hard done by he is
  10. Never been wouldn’t know but I know there are certain areas where a white man would definitely be at risk. It works both ways and things have 2 sides and are open for debate not just the FA telling us England has gone back to like it was in the 70s and bananas will be back on the pitch soon and been black means that people want to stop your path to making it as a pro footballer which is quite clearly rubbish by the amount of diverse players we have in the game in this country. Andy Cole, ASM, Willock, Ferdinand and Asprilla, they were hero worshipped! Nobody cared what colour they were. Yes th
  11. I mean remembrance day and the poppy are events that have gone on for decades for factual events where men have laid their lives down for the greater good. Not some empty gesture as Marcus Rashford has had 0.0000000000001% of his social media following trolling him for a reaction.
  12. Also I can not stand Southgate, Pickford, Henderson and the manure players anyhow so wouldn’t be supporting them regardless.
  13. I don’t know if I would but I’m guessing if I went to Asia to work around dozens maybe hundreds of Asians that a minority would call me names or nicknames for been white? So you are telling me if I walked down certain areas of Luton or Bradford last night I wouldn’t be at risk of getting jumped for been white? As i would say there is a good chance I would. I’ve even been told that off people who live in areas like that. Just saying it’s not all a one way thing.
  14. Fair point but I believe they are been forced into it rather than wanting to do it. I bet they would rather focus on football and not have all this brewing around them if they could.
  15. Because I know what the build up and post match is largely going to be about and i want to watch and hear about football not all the storm that is inevitably going to come from this today. I’m almost certain it’s all been pushed so much to cause more division and friction. Do any other countries in Europe do it out of interest and I wonder if there FA pushes it like ours do and I bet England is a lot more tolerant and diverse than most european countries.
  16. If I went to China or Asia to work wouldn’t I be subjected to insults here and there for been white? I mean I could name several places in England where if I walked down I would get abuse for been white and more than likely assaulted. Works both ways. Knee taking isn’t going to do a single thing other than cause more division especially when like it or not it’s associated with that criminal scumbag George Floyd. Until been white is stopped been seen as some master race then this will never end. I mean most classes at schools now seem to be half white/half non white so it’s not like been non wh
  17. You just can’t handle anyone having a different oppinion than yourself. Well guess what loads of people don’t agree with taking a knee. I bet as least as many disagree with it as that do agree. You left lot make out like it’s 110% the correct thing to do with no room for debate and just call anyone who is against it racist or moron etc. Rampant racism in this country ffs I mean I’m open to accepting maybe racism is a bigger problem than I think here but not to some level where it’s rampant or like we are back in the 70s! State of this debate on a football forum at a tournament that i
  18. No it sickens me but who is to say they aren’t from Russia Poland etc. Not that it makes it any better it just feels like we are made out to be some raving national front lunatics in this country when that’s far from how it is. I haven’t heard any racial abuse at work or at a match for a long long time maybe since the early 00s. Not saying it dosen't happen but when it has it has been like 1 person in a crowd of 40,000 plus, giant strides have been made over the last few decades for sure. Anyhow I don’t agree with taking a knee, same as plenty don't but I wouldn’t boo it no. Nor woul
  19. Don’t know who you on about been furious like but seen as I have a tag I read the comments about that and lots agreeing and disagreeing and arguing which is the exact reason why I’m detaching myself from any England coverage or games. I don’t agree with taking a knee no. Majority of people I know don’t. Lots of comments on social media online seem to be at best 50/50 over it. I mean I wouldn’t go out my way to boo it. Kneel don’t kneel boo applaud whatever jsut let people do what they like and get on with the game. Just seems to be causing more division and arguments than anything else can’t b
  20. Going to take some beating Italy. Very impressed. So well coached and look a real unit.Was great and funny to see Chiellini charging about him and Bonucci seem to be the last of a dying breed of old school Italian centre halves. Nessun dorma to open as well amazing opening. Proud passionate men as well belting their anthem out and standing tall unlike England’s mumblers. Definitely my team for this Euros. Mancini is one suave bastard as well. 100x the manager and man Southgate is and people think England have any chance of winning it
  21. Who you calling a moron ffs you keyboard warrior. I’m just sticking to my principles and I don’t like England anyhow full of overhyped overrated clowns
  22. No. Deadly serious. Won’t be watching don’t like them hope they get stuffed and I am content with my reasons why. Plenty other teams and games to enjoy.
  23. Because I can’t wait for the euros and will be watching just about every game other than England games for the reason I have stated.
  24. It’s not just that tbf that’s just the last thing I just can’t be chewed with all the hype again and I really don’t like Southgate. Draining enough supporting NUFC without England on top
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