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  1. 50-60m you’ll have every major club in world football after him I honestly don’t understand why people get so caught up over transfer fees. it’s not coming out of your pocket, so what difference does it make? what’s the point in being owned by the richest cunts on the planet if we’re not going to make the most of it.
  2. very impressive cameo. came on and played with intensity and purpose. think he’s going to be class for us and hopefully gets in the starting XI asap!
  3. anyone else notice Jones and Tindall chatting it up with Rice after the whistle? Willock and then Tripps n’all. he was immense today. which reminds me… weren’t people on here turning their noses up at him? my gosh. goodness gracious me.
  4. are we meant to know who Baz is?
  5. Traitors Australia is unbelievable. only 9 or so episodes in and it's already better than the UK and US versions. the host is a bit pants, but the missions are decent and they actually play the game with strategy. there's been some incredible moments
  6. just woke up from a dream where we won 1-0. make of that what you will.
  7. had a look at the replies...
  8. so bad it's nearly good. definitely needs Captain Tom and Tiote on there somewhere.
  9. they look like something you’d buy from a market stall total pits Castore
  10. aye. in Hughesy's case he could have bought 1 cup ticket for £20 and just not turn up. which benefits nobody. it's a really difficult situation and a hard one to get right. I think they've done the best they can and it seems pretty fair overall.
  11. you’d think so but we wore the white one away at Old Trafford this season. no idea how it works, if there’s a “home” team or what. I mean, why the fuck would we know how any of this works?
  12. wonder what kit we’re going to wear… white/green/green or black&white/black/white
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