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  1. Micky Martin/Wraith and their cronies absolutely hated how they knew nothing about SP/AO and weren’t involved whatsoever bet it still winds them up. cretins.
  2. Big River


    Pac - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pac_(wrestler)
  3. Botman looks good. Miggy is sharp. Bruno is half asleep.
  4. didn’t Maxi have a stinker against these previously? the one where Lamptey ruined him and he ended up giving a pen away. he’s been dog shit.
  5. I love All or Nothing / Hard Knocks etc so I hope it happens. would love a proper insight into what goes on behind the scenes at the toon. in terms of narrator my money would be on True Geordie.
  6. I could sit and watch Matt Targett interviews all day long.
  7. thought Ndombele was quality against us last season. but there’s absolutely no chance we’re signing him. Howe wouldn’t want him.
  8. do you genuinely believe this was intentional? I take it the Ladies team having to wear training gear for a pre-season match was intentional too? they're incompetent, man. people need to stop making excuses for them.
  9. me waiting for an embedded tweet to load
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