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  1. Need a Fabinho card again.
  2. Saka / Maddison / Trent all to assist @ 45/1 Betfair W Hughes & Fabinho carded @ 14/1 365 J Ward & C Jones carded @ 40/1 365
  3. I had a great start to the season in August/September, then a mixed period in October followed by a very gloomy Nov/Dec. January thus far has once again been mixed, with Ings win yesterday at 25/1 picking things up. Swings and Roundabouts. Maybe we could start a 'tipsters' (I hesitate to use that word) league? Something where we contribute one selection each weekend to go towards the league, e.g. League Bet - KDB assist & Xhaka carded @ 7/1 Each bet for the purposes of the league is a £1 bet, pride and glory available for the poster who ret
  4. Picked up Ings at 25/1 on 80mins - beautiful.
  5. Some tasty prices for cards on 365 for the Everton vs Villa game considering the powder-keg players involved; Richarlison, Holgate, Digne, Ramsey, Mings, Mcginn, etc. Craig Pawson the ref, and a rejuvenated Everton crowd. I expect a battle down both flanks but particularly between Cash and Richarlison. Both hard-workers who like a tackle or two. The double is 18/1 on 365, combine it with any of the above names and you have a fun looking treble whoever you pick.
  6. Same old, same old. Atkinson waving out the yellows to anyone who puts in a tackle with the exception of one player. The fact Fabinho didn’t get booked I’m putting down to suspicious betting behaviour in Asia.
  7. Fabinho booking needed for a 14/1 bet builder
  8. Need a B Davies card for a 20/1 bet builder.
  9. Enjoying the ‘player shots’ market on 365 right now rather than ‘shots on target’. Certain players love a potshot which is usually blocked/goes miles wide or over.
  10. Images never seen to load for me (have tried different browsers). All I get is the picture icon and the code, e.g. 'JVCP57.....'. Any idea how to solve this/view images posters attach? p.s well done on the winner whatever it was!
  11. Superb whatever happens from here though, well played.
  12. and that’s exactly what I was talking about
  13. I rate Webster, think he’s a good player but hope he gets booked if you’ve put him on. Will Hughes is the definite one for me. He’s what I describe as a ‘Hidden rager’ meaning he’s perceived as a playmaker with decent technique (which he is) but he also likes to leave his foot into tackles which goes under the radar often.
  14. (Free £5 365 bet) Lallana & Hughes booked / Maupay 1+ sot @ 40/1
  15. Kane / Antonio / Benzema @ 14/1 Sky All to score: Spurs vs Chelsea West Ham vs Norwich Barca vs Real Madrid
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