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  1. It’s on betfair but only 4/1
  2. Massively disrespectful. England have the better team as they should. Scotland have a decent squad tho, imagine calling mcginn, Gilmour, Mctominay, Adams, Tierney & Robertson championship cloggers. That being said Grant Hanley & a lad from Motherwell made Kane, Foden & Sterling look like championship cloggers
  3. Right let’s get this takeover done and sign Billy Gilmour
  4. England are as good as thru already mate.
  5. I genuinely think the dykes one in first min wasn’t meant then mcginn put himself about a bit till he got booked but apart from that I can’t think of much
  6. Haha yeah I’m from near glasgow. Married to an English Lass. Sorry I’m just proud tonight. Im 40 & last time we qualified for a major tournament I wasn’t legally allowed to drink. I just wanted to go in to the last group game with still a chance btw imo this is the best Scotland squad in decades. Miss that top class striker tho. Not had one since McCoist
  7. Agree to disagree mate. I thought Scotland were superb tonight. Totally disagree we set out to kick England off the park. Scotland deserve more credit than that that’s all I’m saying (sorry for the edit) my main gripe was the horrendous foul comment. Horrendous? Come on
  8. You do know England gave away more free kicks than Scotland 15-13? i only edit to add a point. What’s the big deal
  9. Apart from that and one poor tackle from mcginn. Hardly a game plan to kick England off the park. All I’m hearing is excuses kid
  10. He jumped up for a header and he caught him accidentally with his knee. ‘Horrendous’ is hyperbole you are talking shite. Scotland were the better team tonight. The mighty england were pish. just deal with it and stop whinging
  11. Problem is I disagree it was a ‘horrendous challenge’ that’s just nonsense. Wasn’t even a foul. You are suggesting Scotland set out to kick England off the park. That wasn’t the case at all. England were pish and little old Scotland had the better chances.
  12. Away you go. Hardly a horrendous challenge. England were shite. Created practically nothing all game.
  13. They really aren’t as good as they think they are
  14. Would be a legal minefield the consortium have no interest in. They are quite happy to sit back and leave all the legal battles to Ashley
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