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  1. I think people in 5, 6 & 7 were always gonna be very unlikely to get one and probably rightly so
  2. Oh I don’t disagree it’s just amusing how the attitude is completely different when it’s Man Utd. We have already saw that with Holt and Delaney prior to our takeover
  3. Oh look ‘sportswashing’ is ok now that it’s man United
  4. Think his point is Lloris is shite
  5. Saw a comment on Twitter that sky would block any attempt to for Newcastle to have a big screen in the stadium and also pubs around the area might complain also. Has a ground held a big screen for a match before that wasn’t on terrestrial tv ?
  6. People don’t need different devices. Different browsers does the job
  7. Don’t think they’d start selling tickets for Shearer’s bar if there are plans for something in the stadium
  8. Yeah I want to come to Newcastle but don’t fancy wandering aimlessly trying to find somewhere decent. By sounds of it half the city will be in london mind
  9. The Ballot is just filling out a form online then finding out later is it not? Won’t matter when u apply
  10. Dunno if I’ve choice between City and another top club I dunno if I want to go somewhere that could end up with a points deduction or even out the league
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