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  1. Bet 5p on Bournemouth v wba and get £5 free bet
  2. Linked with Tom Davies this morning according to chronicle
  3. He’s got lucky. We should have went down more than twice and he’s lucky we came straight back up both times
  4. god bless the premier league for looking out for us
  5. Think someone mentioned it the other day. We tried to get ntcham last season and now he’s available on a free
  6. willock having second thoughts about coming apparently
  7. Aye I thought putting it in here was fair rather than starting more takeover arguments.
  8. Why would anyone phone the police exactly? I mean it’s not like the courts aren’t already dealing with it
  9. Arsenal won’t let him go IMO
  10. It should have been a goal. Clearly crossed the line
  11. Here, What’s Hoffman done? Can this lead to him being booted out the PL?
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