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FFS and his Majorca Interest


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Former Newcastle United chairman Freddy Shepherd has ruled himself out of the running to invest in Leeds United.

Shepherd had been linked with the Elland Road club but the move appears to be off after Shepherd admitted he is trying to buy Real Mallorca of Spain.

"All I can say is we're in discussions," Shepherd told the Newcastle Chronicle.

"We now live in Majorca most of the year and they have always been our second team."

After selling his 28% stake in Newcastle in 2007, Shepherd was believed to have explored the possibility of buying or investing in Leeds.

"A lot of chairmen are passing through clubs, but let me make one thing crystal clear. That's not me," Shepherd added.

"I could never do what Ken Bates or Peter Ridsdale did and join another club's board if I ever left Newcastle. No chance whatsoever.

"It's in my blood. You can get rid of the wife or the bank manager, but a Geordie can never get rid of Newcastle."


Source: BBC News


Gotta hand it to him, he's nothing if not committed to the Newcastle cause.


/ Tin Hat On /

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