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  1. Dave

    New forum stuff

    To qualify, I only logged in to disable the reported posts emails. Been meaning to do it for some time, and they look different from the new forum (very nice btw) which finally prompted me to do so. Hope you're all well. Take care.
  2. Dave

    The Magpie Group

    To the people asking elsewhere or messaging me, this thread is locked because it's basically a disgrace at this point. Nobody comes out of this looking good. Mike Ashley must be wetting himself at us and our pitiful attempts to mobilise and then falling out about how we should do so and indeed whether we even should at all. Arguing amongst ourselves over anything and everything. Fuck him and his wank excuse for a football club. Fuck our pathetic cuck fans and fuck this forum. #ragequit
  3. Dave

    The Magpie Group

    A: It's Mike Ashley.
  4. Dave

    The Magpie Group

    Guess who wins again.
  5. Not denying this may be true, but what's your source?
  6. Dave


    Heh, I'm currently at 188... which is 3.08.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-46411533 What the fuck is wrong with people?
  8. Goal of the month there by Maddison.
  9. Watching MotD we don't appear to have been that bad. No quality in attack, as usual. Dubravka didn't do particularly well on the second and third goals.
  10. Just seen this. No big surprise, as I said in the pre-match thread they're not always great as a team but they've got individuals miles ahead of ours. Can't be many times we've shipped three without reply under Rafa.
  11. Draw. They're not brilliant every week but have some fantastic talent that would waltz into our side. 2-2.
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