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You Are The Ref feature on BBC


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Nice feature throughout euro2008. Seems like they are going to continue it.


Been an interesting read and I've been glad to see the most logical solution has often been the correct one. However some of the comments/proposed solutions are pretty laughable. Just goes to show you need some composure to be a ref... Also shows there are some proper mentalists out there.


Reminds me of a club game I played when I was 10 and a opposing player's dad berated the ref asking for pelanty because the keeper had used his hands outside his area...  :iamatwat:



About this week's: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/euro2008/2008/07/you_are_the_ref_10.html

I assumed anything like posts, nets, corner flags... were part of play, so you could use them if you wanted.

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It's amazing what some of the people (incl TV pundits and commentators) think are the rules.  As a referee for the past 4 years some of their comments are laughable.


The Van Nistleroy goal vs Italy was a good one......very few knew the rule, and most seemed to want to muddy the water by asking the referee to rule on the seriousness of the "injury" and then make decisions if the player was in/out of play.  What a joke.  The laws of the game already covered this situation.


The funniest comment was that "the AR couldn't possiby have known the ruling and been able to process it so quickly...no way could he have know that ruling".   To get to be a FIFA referee the number of games worked must be well into the many thousands, and you can bet that during those games many many wierd things have come up, that he either talked over with his colleagues, went back to the rule book to process or more likely.....sparked a round of "what if this had happened...then what".


Even in my first season of refereeing High School games in Texas, this situation came up in a "what if" session.


And don't even get me started on what is/isn't a penalty.....to the commentators ever little thing in the penalty area is a Penalty kick.....what they never think of is if the action was clearly enough to warrant a game changing decision. Most likely it wasn't.


I'd love to see these Talking Heads work just one season of local youth games as a referee to learn the LOTG and how game management works.



(As for the scenario....play on....nothing wrong.  And if you want a good read/ask a question try www.asktheref.com

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