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  1. M4

    Steve Bruce

    At this point I would at least respect someone for saying it like that. The compendium of shite we've been served up about Bruce is on a different level from anything I've seen before.
  2. This looks absolutely class. Well done guys. Change can be rough but this is so slick.
  3. The tragedy is of course for the next generation. A whole decade lost. And the impact on the city also. I haven't been to SJP since 2017, and if it was just me I wouldn't be that bothered but I have a now four year old son who was born in Newcastle and the clock is ticking to get Ashley out.
  4. I'd imagine the results might be quite different on Twitter. I see so many people on twitter commenting about how they can't wait to get back to St James' Park, and it's rather annoying. Obviously it comes from a romanticising of the NUFC match going experience that we all long for. But fucking hell. When Bruce was appointed was already the "surely now that's enough and people will stop consuming this crap" moment. So what the hell is now?
  5. M4

    Steve Bruce

    It seems like the Shield Gazette and Football365 have been the only two constants over the years to rip into the regime. F365 were onto Pardew early on
  6. M4

    Steve Bruce

    We've been telling you all season, fuck off asking that now you fuckwit. Indeed, he's let his fair share of morons spout off completely unchallenged this season. On the list.
  7. M4

    Steve Bruce

    This guy is genuinely amazing, like
  8. No need to be amazed at our lack of possession mate, we are the same every week That's what I meant. The relentless regularity of it is actually impressive.
  9. I'm consistently amazed at the low amount of possession we have in games. I never actually watch games anymore, but it's definitely something of a fascination Surely by law of average, or luck we would have more once in a while. It's quite something.
  10. The newer one is supposedly slicker, I imagine but it's those wacky in between frames that made the animation in the first seasons so good in the first place.
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