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The Football Supporters’ Federation has recently launched a Northeast Division, meeting this Thursday 21st August at the Irish Centre in Newcastle at 7.30pm. The venue (Irish Centre, 43-49 Gallowgate Street, NE1 4SG) is close to St. James and Monument Metro stations. The division has representation from across the region and beyond (we even let in the odd NE-based Halifax fan).


This is the third meeting of the division following events in Durham and Sunderland, and we’re very keen to get new members along, so feel free to forward this email to anyone who maybe interested, FSF member or not.


Apart from looking at the wider campaigning work the FSF does around Game 39, Safe Standing and ticket pricing the division will also focus on issues which directly impact upon NE supporters such as policing and kick-off times of our derby games and rail ticket pricing and policy. Division reps have already met with the Chief Inspector of Northumbria Police and the National Rail forum to discuss these issues.


So if you fancy a few pints, a bit of football banter, and want things for the average fan to change for the better, get involved.


For more info on the FSF visit www.fsf.org.uk or call 0870 2777777.


I am not a member but they have my email address as I went to one of there meetings. They are a friendly bunch & good crack & everyone can have there say.

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it would of been fine, but they had to put it in the irish centre, worst place in town


Yeah a central location & cheap drink is a killer like, I think they tried to book Digital & Tup Tup Palace before the Paddy Centre.

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