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  1. Thespence


    I only want them in play off final for them to lose. Ideally against Charlton but that seems v.unlikely.
  2. Thespence


    I like see them getting their hopes up and then see smashed to smitherines with 3 hour train journey to follow.
  3. Thespence


    I would love to see them clock up ANOTHER Wembley playoffs final loss.
  4. NWOAT still going, I remember when I created the original one because I used to post a lot of random football shite
  5. That's it. I saw it on Twitter a month or so go and can't locate it
  6. Hi, I am sure I have seen a video clip of Paul Dummett missing the ball when trying to cross it, I think it was V Everton. Could some kind soul link me to this footage. Cheers
  7. Joe Hart captain for West Ham today against his home town club
  8. Been a while since I have posted, thought I would have a browse to see what the crack is before the big kick off and this thread topic hit me like a hammer! I remember him as the poster who would intervene when two folk were going at it hammering and tongs over something as trivial as throw ins or who isn't on the bench he would do it with a bit of wit or pointing out the subject matter was mind blowing trivial. One of the on-line good guys. Great to see so much love towards him from his on-line community friends and those that met him. The Spence
  9. . Can someone list the number of clubs relegated that didn't win a cup. Ashley cronies think this an acceptable answer, FUCKING HELL!
  10. UEFA Financial Fair Play regarding Manchester City mega sponsorship deal with Etihad = "There is also a question mark over City's Etihad sponsorship deal - worth between £35million and £40million a year - and whether UEFA regards that as being of fair market value as it is with a party related to the club's owners." UEFA Financial Fair Play regarding Newcastle United getting £0.00 from Sports Direct =
  11. @CaulkinTheTimes 57s Pardew says "wasn't a fun afternoon for 35 mins." Said first sending-off "soft-ish" wasn't happy Remy took 1st penalty, overall delighted.
  12. Daft lad. Yep, he missed a key part of his address out NEWCASTLE-under-lyme
  13. The Stoke fans are tweeting the @FA @Bigchompnath 6m @FA Martin Atkinson should made to pay every travelling stoke fan there money back today #banatkinson #scfc @RiojaPlease 7m Really disgusted by the bad refereeing at the Newcastle v Stoke game, Atkinson ruined a good competitive game, the @FA should ban him @cjmosiuk 21m The @FA ought to ask Martin Atkinson to explain numerous decisions he's made today. He's totally let Stoke down. #BanTwatkinson @footballnews27 43m @FA Ban atkinson #Disgraceful stoke fans have paid alot of money for a game to be ruined by a ref Josh is in meltdown @YatesSCFC 51m @FA yes I'm a stoke fan yes I'm going to be biased but can you tell me WHY on gods great earth YOUR Martin Atkinson has made these decisions @YatesSCFC 50m @FA not only has he ruined a Boxing Day game that was promising for all fans but he also ruins the Christmases of the stoke fans who YOU ‏@YatesSCFC 50m @FA make travel 300+ miles for a game and then 300+ miles again on Sunday?!?! I thought it was the fans that paid your wages yet you give @YatesSCFC 49m @FA nothing in return!! No wonder other countries surpass OURS when our league is officiated by such error prone and run by money grabbing @YatesSCFC 30m @FA any thoughts??Think it would make a great statement if you were to reply to a fan?! 14 greendale drive waterhayes village st5 7tu thanks
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