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  1. Thespence


    I only want them in play off final for them to lose. Ideally against Charlton but that seems v.unlikely.
  2. Thespence


    I like see them getting their hopes up and then see smashed to smitherines with 3 hour train journey to follow.
  3. Thespence


    I would love to see them clock up ANOTHER Wembley playoffs final loss.
  4. NWOAT still going, I remember when I created the original one because I used to post a lot of random football shite
  5. That's it. I saw it on Twitter a month or so go and can't locate it
  6. Hi, I am sure I have seen a video clip of Paul Dummett missing the ball when trying to cross it, I think it was V Everton. Could some kind soul link me to this footage. Cheers
  7. Joe Hart captain for West Ham today against his home town club
  8. . Can someone list the number of clubs relegated that didn't win a cup. Ashley cronies think this an acceptable answer, FUCKING HELL!
  9. UEFA Financial Fair Play regarding Manchester City mega sponsorship deal with Etihad = "There is also a question mark over City's Etihad sponsorship deal - worth between £35million and £40million a year - and whether UEFA regards that as being of fair market value as it is with a party related to the club's owners." UEFA Financial Fair Play regarding Newcastle United getting £0.00 from Sports Direct =
  10. @CaulkinTheTimes 57s Pardew says "wasn't a fun afternoon for 35 mins." Said first sending-off "soft-ish" wasn't happy Remy took 1st penalty, overall delighted.
  11. Daft lad. Yep, he missed a key part of his address out NEWCASTLE-under-lyme
  12. The Stoke fans are tweeting the @FA @Bigchompnath 6m @FA Martin Atkinson should made to pay every travelling stoke fan there money back today #banatkinson #scfc @RiojaPlease 7m Really disgusted by the bad refereeing at the Newcastle v Stoke game, Atkinson ruined a good competitive game, the @FA should ban him @cjmosiuk 21m The @FA ought to ask Martin Atkinson to explain numerous decisions he's made today. He's totally let Stoke down. #BanTwatkinson @footballnews27 43m @FA Ban atkinson #Disgraceful stoke fans have paid alot of money for a game to be ruined by a ref Josh is in
  13. Mackay may not get on with him but staff from his other businesses like him http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ASPulaMixs
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