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2008/09 v 2007/08

Guest FlapjackJoe

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Guest FlapjackJoe

Comparing our results to far to that of last season (I'll put in in alphabetical order so it can't be construed as a fixture list):


Arsenal (away) - 2007/08:  0 points, 2008/09:  0 points.

Blackburn Rovers (home) - 2007/08:  0 points, 2008/09:  0 points.

Bolton Wanderers (home) - 2007/08:  1 point, 2008/09:  3 points.

Manchester United (away) - 2007/08:  0 points, 2008/09:  1 point.

West Ham United (away) - 2007/08:  1 point, 2008/09:  0 points.

Derby County (home) - 2007/08:  1 point,  Hull City (home) - 2008/09:  0 points.


[replaced Derby County with Hull City, since they were the lowest placed of the promoted / relegated sides].


So, we got 3 points from these fixtures last season, and 4 points from these fixtures this season.


Even if we lose the next 2 games, we'll still be ahead of where we were last season.  And if we lose the derby, we'll be level.


Obviously after that, we have a few fixtures where we picked up points last season, so we'll have to repeat that in order to not fall behind.


But so far, strangely enough, we've improved on last season.


Make of that what you will...      :rolleyes:

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