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  1. Is it unthinkable that we are having a 'prudent' window in order to demonstrate clearly that we aren't to be seen as a cash cow to any selling club? Would that not fit the mould of building slowly that has been mentioned more than once? And should we not accept that, safe in the knowledge that our hierarchy do clearly have the club's long term interests at heart?
  2. Disappointing if we don't get the player, but absolutely the right thing to demonstrate we won't get pushed around - will help in all of our dealings moving forwards.
  3. I'm hoping Howe's creating a caged tiger who will devour all once he's finally released.
  4. Anyone else reckon we did them some sort of favours & asked them to keep the price looking low? Maybe lots of hidden extras? 12m seems too good to be true, and it's probably worth a fortune to not be seen to be being fleeced in our first deal. Would be nice to think we are that shrewd.
  5. After seeing that I've changed my mind, I'd like it to go ahead just to see his reaction.
  6. I was once nominated for 'Most underrated posted of the year'. <Sidles back to the shadows>
  7. He's mint. 87% more mint than Mahrez
  8. Yep, example being when he pulled it back for Ritchie first half. Sissoko would have blazed it across the box blindly.
  9. Was pretty similar back in the 80's as I remember it, but there wasn't this feeling that we were being actively exploited, just that they powers that be were generally incompetent and unconcerned about the club.
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