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Being a Newcastle fan

Guest BooBoo

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I have to say, despite the sickening resuly today, it really gave me huge pride in my team and the boys and girls who go and support our club. I realise there's proper fans who sadly couldn't get tickets for today, which is a shame but it put into perspective how trivial the bullshit is on here from those who say they support us but cant get enough excuses out why they cant attend. People can spout behind a PC as much intellectual soft shite crap as they want but when it comes down to it, the chaps that shell out and support our club are the lads who deserve maximum respect.


You know who you are, cap fully doffed.  :clap:

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Sadly missed the match cos in Majorca (have a house in the same street that Xisco lived I found out tonight!!). When we left the bar where we had watched the game, the bar owner said "you know the sad thing is that you used to be good...." Not very profound but very true..

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Despite everything, I can't wait for Fulham in a fortnight. No better feeling in the world than going ballistic and hugging some stranger when an away goal is scored.


Exactly thats what its all about. Nowt beats that.


As far as i'm concerned i'd rather have a bit of craic with a match going scabby charva than some of the insipid dismal clowns on here who pretend theysupport our club. eg (cos i'm in a bad mood)- James.

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