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  1. Wullie

    Energy prices

    Aye 17's quite high through the night. Ours comes on at 15 overnight and I'm thinking of turning that down and just having it kick in before we get up.
  2. Wouldn't be a true Portugal game if Ronaldo didn't get to smash a free kick straight into the wall.
  3. I've got Schar, Dias, Xhaka amongst my trebles at 55s. Cheers ref.
  4. Getting sod all off this ref if he's not booking Dias there.
  5. I'm all over the 3 cards each at 12/1 and with a FH each at 20/1. Swiss are proper WUMs and plenty of the Portuguese players love a booking.
  6. More utter trash. I've hardly seen one good penalty yet.
  7. Doesn't seem that different from us (3 as well).
  8. Whoscored's great but very clunky on mobile. App-wise I like Flashscores and SofaScore. Oddalerts for referees. I've got a PlayerStats subscription for the month as well for tackles, passes etc, haven't decided if I'll keep it on after the WC.
  9. Is it me or is the standard of penalties in this tournament much worse than usual? Feel like I've seen the exact same penalty about 10 times, a passed easily saved pea-roller.
  10. Hate the camera angle.
  11. Wullie


    Robinson MOTM? Eh?
  12. Ashley's poison is only limited by the power he has. If he were the leader of a country, he'd be a full on dictator. Just an atrocious human being with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
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