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  1. 365 doing another free fiver on any PL game this weekend. Mike Dean doing our game tomorrow so was just having a shufty at the prices. Sean Longstaff for as long as I can remember has always hovered around between 9/2 and 7/1 with 365, which always looks tempting but he actually doesn't pick that many up, and hasn't been booked for ages now, not since last November. His price tomorrow night is suddenly 6/4. Still 9/2 on Betfair. It does fascinate me sometimes how the bookies price these up.
  2. It's just what the country has shown it needs and wants, a second right wing TV channel after the success of the first. Piers Morgan already signed up.
  3. Started hitting the bar with my bet builders again after a good run. Just needed another Atalanta card last night for a winner, and tonight I just needed under 5 goals at Birmingham, which lost thanks to an 87th minute consolation penalty.
  4. Couple of card doubles that look a bit big to me in the Stoke game Styles/Allen 33/1 Sawyers/Palmer 40/1
  5. Really good goal from Bellingham.
  6. Didn't realise you were at school with Darren Grimes.
  7. Not officially. The role hasn't been occupied officially since Clegg.
  8. The other was against Ronaldo's Juventus in a dead rubber. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46543587
  9. A 95th minute winner against one of the biggest clubs in the world containing one of the greatest players of all time, in only the club's second ever Champions League win should have been more aptly celebrated, perhaps with a polite round of applause and a hip hip hooray.
  10. Cabinet reshuffle this afternoon.
  11. Gareth Southgate's got to be thinking "Now do you see why I wasn't picking Sancho?"
  12. First free 365 bet I've won in fucking years that.
  13. He's just got away with a blatant pull back.
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