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The art of defending


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That first half performance defensively is the worst i've ever seen by a premiership team


i've never seen 1 player (gerrard) be given so much space in my entire life


so it comes to how to defend, we we're ball marking all first half and it clearly wasn't working after 5 mins nevermind 25


why didn't we man mark, just stick the 4 defenders on the 4 attacking players


the fact of 2 fouls in the first half shows you we didn't have a clue on how to stop a team, legally or illegaly


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Gerrard got so much space because of the way we attempted to match them in midfield. Their five man midfield meant they'd always have a man spare and that man was Gerrard who is capable of ripping the best apart, unfortunately he barely had to break into a sprint today. This went unaddressed for the entire ninety minutes.


What annoyed me most though was the utter lack of any kind of communication and the disgusting defending from set pieces. You can practice this all you want on the training pitch put its down to the players to execute it on the pitch. An epic fail if there ever was one.


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