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  1. In fairness, TS gives the lunatics air time. I know Everton fans who are perfectly happy with Rafa.
  2. I think its a bit early to come to that conclusion, but sacking the useless cunt is an absolute no brainer. I'd be fascinated to know what the reasoning is.
  3. Why is he still here?
  4. Martinez hasn't won anything with a 'golden generation' at Belgium because he has no idea how to organise a defensive unit. Both Italy and Belgium came into the tournament with an ageing defence. The difference was that Mancini ensured the Italian back line was never really exposed, Jorginho sat in front, with Barella and Veratti providing plenty of energy and ability on the ball. I appreciate Witsel came into the tournament with an injury, but Martinez did absolutely nothing to reduce his defences exposure, with players frequently able to get a direct run on them.
  5. It really does depend who is on charge, get a new man in early doors and we can get something. I'd imagine it will be Jones though.
  6. Its amazing that Rafa had Longstaff looking like a competent PL midfielder.
  7. Everton have one of the wealthiest backers in the league, they're far from skint.
  8. Just seen the highlights. My word, defensively we were an absolute mess, all over the show for all three goals.
  9. This cunt still here?
  10. We're discussing future results, its all hypotheticals. Bruce getting binned in the near future is nailed on.
  11. If Bruce stays we probably will go down, but he's not going to be here much longer.
  12. Stuck my free bet on a bit of daft: Danilo Vertout Garcia Wass 275/1
  13. You'd think there was only about a dozen games left the way some are going on.
  14. I'm at a 3-4. Terrible early form, but we have a new manager to come in, plus the January transfer window.
  15. Fingers crossed the crowd get stuck into him second half.
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