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  1. Hodgson will surely have them playing like Brazil circa 1970. Worrying.
  2. That'd be a rare sensible appointment for them. I think he'd have his work cut out mind.
  3. Aye, agree with above, Alli could be genuinely finished, I've just never really rated Lingard.
  4. Has to be said like if it was a choice between Lingard and Alli, the latter has a much higher potential ceiling, he was genuinely class.
  5. Is NE5 still knocking about?
  6. You're in good company. I'll often log on in good spirits and leave feeling like I want to jump out of the window.
  7. I'm convinced Sky and their transfer gimps know about as much as we do.
  8. Shame, he'd have taken them down. That said they'll probably go anyway.
  9. He was 26, but aye (if true) it's steep for his age.
  10. ...and now the Bakker deal, he loves it.
  11. Big Luke pouring cold water on any deal for Salisu.
  12. I'd love to know what the budget is for January, if there's any all.
  13. Salisu would be a superb pick up, but I'd imagine Southampton would only consider it for silly money.
  14. Sorry, no link but that Nicolo Schira chap who some seem to rate seems to think Kamara is off to Man United.
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