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  1. At least we're monitoring again. Good stuff...
  2. 'The Premier League's corrupt' they'll sing, as they attend the Premier League fixtures next year...
  3. Kind of how where I'm at, but I'll no doubt get back into the swing of things with an FPL team and a couple of antepost bets.
  4. The thing is with Edwards, he's winning. Whenever someone likes, comments or shares his shit take, he's done his job. That's why when he's not kissing Bruce's rancid, fat arse, he's writing hatchet jobs for the Telegraph. Easy bites and constant attention.
  5. Another season of Ashley and Bruce confirmed then. Watching your empty shell of a club, do the absolute bare minimum to try and survive another year, whilst serving up an absolute eye sore on the pitch. Surely its easier than ever to walk away?
  6. This, the bloke thrives on attention. The best way to hurt him is to block, ignore and don't repost his diatribe. Having said that, I'd pay good money to see him laid out.
  7. ...and just like that, the ESL is forgotten about.
  8. For me an 8 is a 'I'll keep an eye on our results, but I can't be arsed to watch and I'm certainly not fussed whether we win, lose or draw'. In an ideal world, following the ESL and the takeover farce, I'll eventually stop watching the PL all together.
  9. Pre-Rafa, I was a solid 9.5. I was foolishly sucked back in to a 6. Now I'd say I'm sround an 8 after a couple of years of dusty Steve and the takeover farce.
  10. You'd think Kane would play with Foden and another, possibly even Grealish if they're willing to pay serious cash. Sterling is on the fringes, Bernardo is a good player but won't stretch teams, so you're left with Mahrez. That's an awful lot of playes who like to come deep to pick up the ball. Unless Sterling is brought back in, you can see teams sitting in and crowding the final third without having to worry about too much threat in behind. Haaland is quick, direct and equally as important his one touch finishing is incredible. I think he's far more likely to commit defenders than
  11. Kane did get the most goals and assists in the league last season like. Though it feels like Haaland would be more suited to City's style of play.
  12. I have a groups that I need to remain part of for work, but regularly contains paranoid, right wing nonsense about the Labour Party, the EU, immigrants, etc. I just keep it on mute and dip in and out when I absolutely need to. It's like a Breitbart echo chamber, I ain't reading that shit.
  13. No wonder discourse in this country is at an all time low. People name calling and chucking phrases around without any comprehension of what they actually mean.
  14. Another absolutely nothing player to add to the collection.
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