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Bolton Pubs


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One of my mates has told me that Newcastle fans are now banned from that big pub called the Beehive at the top of the road. Is this true, and if it is, wheres the next pub for away fans? Be nice to know what time it they open too. :smug:

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Guest Brummiemag

Its the only pub near the ground that would let us in last season, only problem was it took forever getting served so we gave up and had a drink in the ground. Even the local Tesco wouldnt serve us although they were quite happy to sell alcohol to non football fans. 


Just rang the Beehive and was told its the away fans pub and newcastle fans are welcome. She said they open at midday but if people turn up early they would "probably" let them in at 11.30. Dont treat this as gospel cos she didnt know the match was Sunday! 

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