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  1. Are these press conferences still being done via Teams and if so, why? So the club can do all they can to control the message?
  2. Hurricane #1 - 'Step into my world' Goal of the month music from MotD in the mid 90's.
  3. Sky News suggesting that Raab is kicking off about Johnson wanting to demote him. Still 'no decision'. Farce!
  4. Buckland and Jenrick gone - Raab on thin ice , though Patel apparently safe.
  5. Jordan is a cockney spiv, Balls to him.
  6. She has no empathy. Horrible woman.
  7. Also a big drugs and drink problem there too.
  8. More here; https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/michael-gove-sexist-racist-speech-b1918058.html Michael Gove made crude sexual comments, joked about paedophilia within top levels of government, and used a racist slur in a series of remarks in his twenties, The Independent can reveal. The Cabinet Office minister also described Prince Charles as a “dull, wet, drippy adulterer” in speeches at the Cambridge Union while he was a student at Oxford, and after his graduation while working as a journalist. In apparent attempts at humour, Mr Gove referred to p
  9. Cunt confirming he's always been a cunt.
  10. Of course they don't care. Coffey is up there with Patel for being a proper cunt.
  11. Any half decent manager would do well to give this version of NUFC a wide berth. Unless you are happy to be a patsy and the owner's human shield.
  12. 5Live confirm it - after 2/3 mins of not being sure.
  13. I didn't make it today, due to being skint! Hoping to be there for the FC United cup game, next week though. Another point is always welcome, particularly when Darlington have been a bogey side in recent times.
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