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  1. I agree that the ground will have to get moved at some point (further north up Barrack Road) A 60000 St James ultimately won't cut it, due to the demand that could come with success. They reckon the make up of the average season ticket holder now, is a man in his 40's or 50's and there-in lies a problem. If the next generation can't get in to see the lads, where are they gonna go - have to make do with TV or watching at the cinema again? I don't think I will ever return as a regular. I've had my time (at the age of almost 50) and I'm now priced out of PL football. I will make do with TV and other ways *cough*.
  2. Big Geordie

    The weather

    Had sleet earlier on in Stakeford/Cambois - was feckin awful.
  3. It's about enriching themselves and their donor mates/family. It's all the more galling when you have companies out there that deal in getting PPE, that were ignored by the government.
  4. It's a tough time to be trying to raise that kind of money. Guess we will have to wait and see what happens.
  5. If Mone does go down (ooher! and she should!) - who will she take with her? Or will emails and phones mysteriously disappear never to be seen again.....
  6. Oh and apparently Michelle Mone is now taking a leave absence from the HoL to 'clear her name'.
  7. Been told that (by someone who works on the railways) that the Xmas Eve/Day strikes are targeted at engineering works - apparently there aren't many services that run on those days anyway. So, usual suspects in the media are trying to do the government's work for them. In other news......
  8. People are gonna have to call this shite out when it happens - otherwise nothing will change. We still have a minority among our support, who are also racists.
  9. Job done tonight, despite the shaky start. Maguire is utter guff though.
  10. Great minds and all that, Mike! ;-)
  11. If wonder if NUFC already have somewhere lined up for him to go out on loan to - perhaps somewhere such as Portugal or Holland?
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