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  1. Nope - 2-0 win at their place, back in 92/93. I wouldn't mind going - taking either my daughter or nephew or both. Can see there being 40k+
  2. There’s zero desire out there. Why is it other clubs tend to enjoy a new manager bounce, but wor lot look worse with each game that passes?!
  3. A real lack of professionalism here. All round
  4. It’s been a rotten start. We don’t look interested at all.
  5. Adam Campbell not got his shooting boots on tonight. 2nd excellent chance not taken.
  6. Am sure Lee Stewart had autographed photos on his web page too. 🤔😂 There was all sorts of rubbish going on, inc him faking is own death, on here, after he had gotten some shite.
  7. Echoes of 'Lee Stewart' who some may remember on here, years ago.
  8. Are Heed expecting many, tonight?
  9. That's proper mentalist craic!
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