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Managing v Coaching

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Roeder has proved in the summer he is a coach, not a manager. 


Robson - realised shearer couldn't run anymore. bought bellers and robert to get crosses in.  Then bought jenas in an attempt to bring some energy and 'legs' to midfield.understand.


souness (i am not defending him in any way btw!!!) - decided he wanted to play narrow game, compress the midfield and tighten up the defence.  so he loans out milner, sells bellamy, robert. buys luque and parker/emre/owen, tight games decided by a world class striker.  wrong idea but i can kind of understand what he was tryin to do.


Roeder - has 15mil to spend.  buys a winger (duff) which gives us 4 wide players.  buys a quick striker who never attacks a cross and has a 17mil player who loves 1on1s not crosses. then doesn't buy a midfielder who arrives late in the box .


so even if we have a fully fit squad i don't understand how we will go out and play.  in europe its easier for him, nick a goal as thats what its all about. in the premiership my son, different story. 

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