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  1. Yup. PIF, PCP, and RB Sports & Media have gone down in my estimation bringing Seb on board.
  2. BottledDog

    Stand-up comedy

    In London? Post your next one in here, and I'll join yers. (preferably south London, but can go further if the beers decent!)
  3. Would heartedly recommend The Witchfinder. Maybe a slow start but the characters are great. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p0b6xghr/the-witchfinder-series-1-episode-1
  4. Happy to see that a few of the Azovstal defenders have been released too.
  5. The Saudis have likely just paid for the release of 10 foreign POWs including the 2 Brits facing a death sentence.
  6. On the plus side, reckon the full Russian influence report must be close to release by now. Barring any further unforseen hurdles, of course.
  7. Still presumably waiting on the publishers to slowly hand carve the copper plates containing the Brexit impact report to be fair to them.
  8. Got a vid on this page. https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/marvin-heemeyers-armored-bulldozer/
  9. Ha, popping to the Trent to kill an hour or two sounds dangerously close to what I'd do. Unlike me, maybe dive into the induction stuff too. Good luck on the masters!
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