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  1. BottledDog


    Rusty Rita's long shank mate. It's what all the cool kids called it.
  2. BottledDog


    Jaysus, Elswick swimming pool and leisure center was a place of calm joy for us Gosforth types back in the day. So many birthdays, what's changed?
  3. BottledDog

    Steve Bruce

    Not one to put my neck out, but reckon there is absolutely zero chance they are open to giving him a crack. Whether he is there or not on Sunday, rather than abuse (though fill your boots if you need to scratch that itch), would be great to do rounds of supportive chants for some of the clubs old hero's and recent fighters against the dross of Ashley, like Papiss, Hatem etc. Maybe the odd Rafa chant too for the laughs.
  4. Desperately sad. Can't help but feel it's a reflection on how fucked up and angry as a country we have become over last half a decade or so, but without knowing what was going through the head of his attacker, probably shouldn't be reading much into it at this point. Just another tragic, indefensible act.
  5. A picture of a bloke with a mop on a stick giving me a buzz. Ffs.
  6. As far as I know, it can be zipped up from the inside. No need for coworkers.
  7. Had already bought tickets for the 21st, and was a bit annoyed as a Picturehouse member they started offering preview tickets for the 18th a couple of days ago. Glad to hear it's canny, was a bit worried by the comedy shit they put in some of the trailers.
  8. I was with Pure Planet until last week. Had already started a move to Scottish Power despite my DD going up by well over double. It's a shame as they seemed a really decent supplier, but wanted to lock in again and took a chance.
  9. 'kin ell, just had a gander at his Twitter. David Bick really is a bit of a dick isn't he.
  10. Apropos of nothing, and asking for a friend. Any chance Norway could feasibly buy us, and bring in some better managers? https://www.statista.com/statistics/276617/sovereign-wealth-funds-worldwide-based-on-assets-under-management/
  11. On the upside, Boris stopped the ESL, on the other hand - Intel not considering UK chip factory after Brexit. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-58820599.amp
  12. Bridgen. What an absolute fucking mug. https://www.rte.ie/radio/radio1/clips/22012746/ Pummelling starts around 6 minutes in.
  13. Excellent use of hecatomb to be fair.
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