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Guest nufc_geordie

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Guest nufc_geordie

Was just wondering how Roeders basic performance as manager comapred with his performance last year and with Souness' performance varied. This is what I found including all results including Europe:


                                            Souness (Total Reign)                    Roeder (05/06 Season)                Roeder (06/07 Season)

Games Played                              23                                                                21                                                      20

Goals Scored                                20                                                                33                                                      20

Ave. Goals/Game                          0.87                                                              1.57                                                  1.00

Goals Conceded                          28                                                                  22                                                      16

Ave. Conceded/Game                  1.22                                                              1.05                                                  0.80


I thought this was strange because I would have thought that this season Roeders average result going off ave. goals scored and conceded would be a defeat but this is not the case.


Anyway, I'm bored at work and just thought I would share this!!!

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