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  1. Finished 12th and a whopping 17 points clear of relegation. Why would you need to invest when there's such a comfortable buffer zone? Only a complete and utter fuckw.......oh...
  2. Wish Lazio weren't such utter cunts, that away kit may well be the best kit of 2021 tbh, absolute taste.
  3. Did he mention the small budget we have at all tonight? That's got to be make things super difficult for him and therefore anything other than abject failure will be seen as a positive for the gormless fuckwit. Surely?
  4. Bit less milk, one extra egg and beat the absolute fuck out of it immediately before putting it into a red hot oven, hot as it'll go. Oil is a mixture of veg, olive and a small lump of lard. Piece of piss tbh
  5. Complete fluke tbh. Wouldn't even know where to start to plan for it to happen. Circular tin and arranged the sausages in a triangle forced the batter up and over maybe? Nees, it was fucking sopping mate
  6. Solid 9.2, mind and body cortisoned years ago. Nothing hurts any more
  7. I can barely stand the tension.
  8. midds

    Cricket 2.0

    Bringing in a wider audience is good obviously, I just don't think yet another format of the sport was needed in order to do it? Rebrand and tweak what was already there maybe? Early days. Maybe it'll outgrow or replace T20? Just don't think it's sufficiently different to what's already there
  9. midds

    Cricket 2.0

    Can't see which gap in the market it fills tbh. It's marginally different from T20 which itself is just a condensed version of an ODI. Just seems like a pointless gimmick to have 100 balls rather than 120 imo.
  10. Took the boy to see Fast & Furious 9 (I know, I know, his idea) this afternoon. He piped up about an hour in - "dad, this is so bad! It's just ridiculous". He's 12. Legit one of the worst things I've ever seen. Utter pigshit.
  11. What's the point in winning if you're going to be too nice when it comes to voting through what your party stands for? Fucking idiots.
  12. I'm probably missing something really obvious here but why aren't the Democrats (who won the election and are apparently running the country) letting this happen when they know it's going to deprive them of votes in the future? Can states just do what the fuck they want and change shit like this on a whim?
  13. 30 20 250 Depends
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