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  1. Hew Jimbo, how's tricks chap?
  2. If £38m is the final number and he's the one they're after then they just need to tip up and pay it at this point. We've been chasing him for weeks and it has to come to a head soon. We've clearly got a massive pile of cash waiting to be spent and there's no point saving for later, we need the players now, get the fucker in and get the deal done, fucking close it ffs.
  3. Fuck, I hope there's photos or footage of it. It would be glorious to see him deny it then be forced to watch the footage of it all.
  4. Can't really blame him for not wanting to commit too much, from his point of view he's coming into a pretty sketchy situation as far as he's concerned. He wants to keep his options open and I don't blame him a bit, the move has to be right for all 3 parties.
  5. Right now there's about 100+ posters currently scratching their heads thinking 'what the fuck is going on??'
  6. Make yourself comfortable
  7. Always nice to hear from some top gentlemen again. Welcome lads
  8. Bills need a score before ht. Chiefs get the ball first in the second half
  9. midds


    Needed 5 again, that's about 4 of the last 5 I've needed 5 guesses
  10. Mahomes is superb but he can't keep on doing it all night by himself.
  11. Fuck. Has that been done before? They look unbelievable.
  12. Is that 8 consecutive TD possessions?
  13. Bills moving it like a fucking train
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