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  1. I'll be honest, I wasn't being entirely serious Just feels very evenly poised from a spectator pov. I'll leave you all to it
  2. please please please please please please...
  3. The HoL is like the room of requirements in Harry Potter Recognises that evil is afoot and provides a place to actively stop it.
  4. Goal bang on HT for the traitors to bring to back level to 2-2. Faithful need to get their shit in a pile in the dressing room, they need a leader in there, not just some who's happy to hand out the orange wedges, thinking Mike Bassett against the Mexicans
  5. I said they'll negotiate it. Lawyers will argue it down and down until it's at a stage whereby it doesn't hinder the club too much in the future. A reasonable compromise will be reached. They're not getting off with it but the headlines are a bit ott
  6. They'll get hit but it'll be fairly mild imo. Talk of demotion and stripping of titles is way off beam. I reckon hefty fine, small points deduction and a transfer/European football ban of 2 years or something similar. The lawyers will eventually negotiate a deal whereby both sides save a bit of face and it won't be too draconian.
  7. Good game btw gents, faithful 2-1 up after 35 mins, plenty of shots/goals and entertainment. Still in the balance but the next goal is pivotal.
  8. Not even playing and still picking up votes. I feel victimised
  9. Aren't City pretty much the only other PL team that don't absolutely loathe us and vote against us? Sure they abstained in votes when the takeover were taking place. Not exactly bezzies but not beyond the realms of possibility that the chiefs of both have been in contact about this both before and after the charges this morning.
  10. At work so can't read it all right now but it seems like they're not being charged because they spent too much, it's more the fact they lied about things and tried to cover it up? Would that be correct?
  11. Not being able to appeal to CAS is the biggest one for me, had no idea that the PL had shut that avenue off. Still think they'll negotiate their own punishment and it'll be fairly light compared to what's being thrown about in the headlines today.
  12. Thought Wilson's 2 missed chances were the turning point but according to xG the free header was only 0.18 and the 1v1 was only 0.12, felt like much better quality chances. Also felt like huge moments in the game and season too.
  13. I think it's important to acknowledge just how close we are to cracking it here. Had we scored another goal in just 4 of the 10 draws then we'd be legitimately challenging for the title itself. The draws are disappointing but I think it's because we all know this season has been a bit weird and the perfect time to break the top 4 and stay there. No European football this season for us to deal with, Liverpool looking pigshit, Chelsea looking to transform their entire squad but throwing as much money as they can at it, Spurs being inconsistent, Leicester and West Ham falling away badly and Villa having the Gerrard handicap for half a season. Those things won't happen next year and it'll be a much tougher league next year. This, surprisingly, was the year to take full advantage and I think most know it.
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