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  1. midds

    Steve Bruce

    Another lead given up. Another failure to keep a clean sheet. This is exactly why he needed to go last week. Mint atmosphere, goal headstart and still fucks it up within 20 mins. Opportunity lost.
  2. midds

    Steve Bruce

    Inherits a very promising, balanced, organised and highly motivated. Spends a further £93m net and is now trying to take credit for...... wait for it....not relegating it. Well done Steve, it's all down to you. You're a fucking hero. What a man.
  3. Aye picked the 15-1 Bears from 85 because they were the best around and stuck with them since.
  4. midds

    Steve Bruce

    See the look on their faces when the (clearly deranged) caller suggested Bruce at Man U? Same cunts who have shouted from the rafters how good he is for the last 2 years. Sly as a box of monkeys, the pair of them.
  5. Bruce has trained and prepared the squad, Bruce is in the dugout and Bruce has decided the team and formation. Bruce is also in charge of subs and all decisions over the 90 mins. I'm predicting a 2 goal win for Spurs and a wasted opportunity to collect at least a point based on all of the above. This is why he should have been sacked this week. The support from the crowd will be massive but once Kane slots one home in the 20th minute it'll be flat as a witch's tit for the remainder of the afternoon. All momentum lost. Spurs -1 is 10/3, lump on.
  6. Just going to keep reminding myself that I'm not responsible for the actions of any other individual Newcastle fans. I've got no control over what they do and say so I'm not going to worry myself about it. I want to enjoy the game, I've waited long enough to see the back of Ashley and I think I deserve to do so without worrying what a tiny minority of fucking brainless idiots say or do tomorrow. They're responsible for their own shit, not me, fuck that.
  7. midds

    Your Pet Hates

    Why are you driving with an infected head injury?
  8. I just meant random little club that I have no feelings for either way. Could have been anyone really, wasn't singling out Port Vale in particular
  9. Can genuinely say I've barely even had a thought about Middlesbrough for over 4 or 5 years. They're just another club tbh, no different to Huddersfield, Port Vale or Barnet.
  10. Cards, Chargers & Raiders please Bob.
  11. midds

    Steve Bruce

    Think it's a huge mistake not to bin him this week. We'll not know for certain until 6.30 on Sunday night how big a mistake it is, he could even spawn a win and it'll settle everyone down again but that seems unlikely. Taking their time to appoint the right people is the absolute best way to do it though, if they need to wait a month or 2 for their men to become available then so be it. It's a huge appointment and they need to get it right. That doesn't mean that Bruce needed to remain in charge, those are 2 separate decisions imo. Sacking Bruce and replacing him are 2 individual
  12. Salah evens for 1 sot tomorrow, should be automatic. Famous last words
  13. midds

    Steve Bruce

    No bother. As you were
  14. midds

    Steve Bruce

    Keeping the proven failure makes no sense to me. Even without the takeover he needed to be removed from the job as his record over the last 9 months is abysmal, most other normal clubs would already have sacked him by now, he's horrific. What's a worse option than a bloke who can't win a game of football for love nor money? What's worse than replacing a shithouse who's already dropped 18 points from a possible 21 from a very comfortable set of fixtures? What's the worst that could happen? We lose games this gormless cunt would have lost anyway? Jesus. He's inept, bin the horrible
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