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Premiership Years 96/97


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Just watching this now, just showed the game at Upton Park when we drew 0-0 and Liverpool lost 2-1 to the Dons to hand Man Utd the title. I forgot how much of a gutter that result was especially as the next game was Man Utd, what a massive game that would have been. I was 16 at the time I was in such a bad mood my then girlfriend wanted me to go out, I refused she gave me shit so I dumped her ass. Talking about cutting your nose of to spite your faceĀ  :dowie: Thats what Newcastle does to you.. 1 goal at Upton Park could have changed so much?

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Guest firetotheworks

I doubt we would have won anyway. I never thought for a second that we'd win the title after Keegan left that year.

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