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  1. maybe… I think for me it’s the chalked off goals that really should have stood or the penalties not awarded. We’ve had a few rubs of the green ourselves of course but there was a disproportionate period of about 4 games in a row we were getting robbed. missed sitters and the like I don’t get too bothered about.
  2. Fatwax

    The Royal Family

    Is it not a joke? Surely…
  3. I have a Gibson Les Paul, Martin acoustic and Gretsch Electromatic, all of which I run through a Line 6 Helix… but then again I am a professional musician 🫤
  4. Fatwax

    Missing posters

    @oldtypewas the topic of two ace moments on this forum - Mike finding him on a gameshow… did Kaiz then find the episode? And obviously when he was at Chelsea and on the TV dressed like an absolute boss in the away end. Actually a third.. when @Hanshithispantz mixed his face with Hitler.
  5. I teach in a private school in Abu Dhabi after 12 years teaching in the midlands. Currently on my third year here and doubt I’ll be returning any time soon.
  6. Fatwax

    Alexander Isak

    Yeah that’s alright.
  7. Fatwax

    Alexander Isak

    These aren’t factoids. Incorrect use of term.
  8. it makes absolute sense why people want this deal so bad. Beyond the fact that he’s a fully established Brazilian international and would be a huge statement signing his best friend is one of, if not our top player and statement signing from January. The idea of an all Brazilian midfield who are all best buds is just *chef kiss*
  9. Aye. 5m+ for ‘only Lingard’.
  10. Fatwax


    thats the thing, they’re never ‘in peace’, it’s just… here on a public forum. it’s the weird obsession with territories, skirmishes, fans in peace… it’s a fucking sport, not armed conflict.
  11. yeah.. I’m going to need the full article immediately.
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