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Ghana orphanage


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I know a couple of people mentioned that they would like to donate to the orphanage that the NUST sent strips to (the ones that then sent a fiver towards the campaign).


The orphanage's trustees live in Heaton and we would be able to forward any donations etc onto them.


We will be more than happy to collect any monies or old strips (as they're always on the lookout for those) and send them on, alternatively the original appeal was ran through St Marys school at Forest Hall if you preferred to send stuff directly there, Im sure they'd also pass them on.

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Nice one mate cheers.


Going to go back to the olds and hunt out my old strips bag em up and will make a cash donation as well, could you PM me the address where i'd need to drop them off please? (or contact number to arrange for me to do so)



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