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  1. If you're not, this doesn't help. This is what I did when I knew the gig was up as a traitor, threw myself under the bus to let the team carry on. If you are, then last night came close, and the T's would be happy to see Abacus go (possibly stoke some voting, worth checking back) but also agree if you gather traction today then to sacrifice yourself. With the other Wilf type ultimatum last night, my mind is made up. Blanco
  2. Sounds like Will at the end saying i'll never speak to anyone again. With so many Fs still in the game, multiple banishments at the same time could only benefit the Ts at this stage. Risky. Those are my 2 main avenues. Nice to see more action from Mike today, even Darth chipped in after school
  3. Don't mention the war springs to mind after them 2 posts.
  4. Hmmm.. Interesting. On my phone atm so makes it difficult, but I searched for fuck-puddle yedterday, and put up a screens hot which were all posts from this thread, though I didn't search without the '-'...might lead to a better return. If not then it must have come from within the pm group, which I'm sure someone suggested a few pages back.
  5. Hang on though. If it was to implicate then it was be to throw a faithful under the bus. They wouldn't say it to implicate themselves, or did they really believe in turning Mike so thought they could say whatever they liked? It could be this is their own goal, could be they've got us pointing fingers here and in the wrong direction. I really don't know. Sure it was something in the pm group everyone seemed to be in at the start. If its come from there then you've had a traitor in that group throughout. Serves you right for not inviting me (not bitter, not at all!)
  6. I was just hoping for the final. They could sound barrier it from the road making it like a little cavern screens facing away from the ground. I hadn't actually read the article before my post and it seems a medium term fanzone is what they want before looking at expansion. If so, thryll have done their homework and know exactly what to do with it.
  7. They'll have made a couple of million from it and rightly so. They gambled. Thankfully back where it belongs in the hands of the club. Now get some massive screens out there and fanzone for the final.
  8. You are the best and worst thing to happen to this game, in equal measure 😂
  9. Ah more background skullduggery. This will help things in sure.
  10. That's Coco fucked 😂ðŸĪŠ
  11. Mike thinking with his dick...I buy it.
  12. He needs to remember which side it's buttered and do some ground work for us while he's at it.
  13. Yet the tories are doing their best to flood the Lords with their own cronies and crooks. They are a lesser evil, but still evil.
  14. Dokko

    Christian Atsu

    Seems to be the unofficial thread for this but 7,000 expected dead.
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