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  1. 6 people have died in a crush during the Cameroon match.
  2. You can play him in the PL and he's the same. In fact any and all levels. I buy him or loan him for every game i play. He's basically a cheat mode.
  3. Wonder what the new intake numbers are like from today? @Yorkie you keeping count.
  4. Ah man, never felt so empty about someone I’ve never met when hearing of his passing. Btw we have a really good thread over in chat when things in life aren’t going our way should any new members need it,
  5. It’s not the size of the nail, but the hammer you knock it in with (so I’m told)
  6. Exactly 130 years ago newcastle west end collapsed and newcastle east end became newcastle united. This has similar significance
  7. what happened to s24-7? I was on there about 20 years ago. It was a really busy place.
  8. Be great to see a global Newcastle United brand and not just random clubs
  9. There's a Newcastle in America as well. If they haven't got a team its time they do. Get one created in China, Japan, South Africa etc...
  10. I think if we are around 30 and they have said 38, we just go in, no messing as it might get others tempted and of course we may piss them off if we haggle further. Soon as he's signed we go for Botman.
  11. Welcome aboard new & old. Good time to start again
  12. It was that when he hired him 1st time round but this guy has been doing it for a decade now and Bournemouth decided to keep him on after eddie left. He's his own man now, just the same as Howe bringing in tindal etc...for me.
  13. He's hired someone he knows and trusts. Nothing wrong with that. I think you'll have to remember our recruitment team is on the bones. We probably need another 30 like him to compete with any of the big clubs.
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