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  1. Over taken by the likes of Norwich and Brentford.
  2. Think if we do go down and the price of the club is halved then RBs and AS will be in on their own. I'd take that right now. Could Ashley not list the club as a plc and sell shares retaining whatever stake he likes?
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    Work have stated if you are off sick with covid and haven't had both vaccines by end of Sept then you will be on stat sick pay. We've also kept the 1 way systems and masks. Few have tested their freedom by flaunting the rules by have been sent home unpaid. No messing.
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    Ooooh. Cold tub.
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    Pics Hot tub arrives tomorrow though think it's too hot for one.
  6. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/lg-oled55bx6lb-55inch-4k-uhd-oled-smart-tv-120hz-5-year-warranty-bbc-iplayer-3766169?utm_source=mappshare&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=3766169&utm_campaign=2021-07-20 @Keggy_Keagal
  7. It's a mad old long shot, but it's about the only glimmer of hope left. Thankfully I'm numb again after a complete internal rage over the delay. It's much easier this way.
  8. Very surprised Ashley hasn't gone 2 feet in to the PL after yesterdays announcement. Is it that this is what they wanted for reasons such as the other case has more chance or is he pissed at his own legal team for letting him down. If PIF haven't disclosed something again he needs to cancel the takeover and invite other offers as it'll never pass if they aren't playing ball.
  9. They really are the scouse mackems.
  10. Nick De Marco. Thought he was Messi, turns out he couldn't even spell his name.
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