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  1. Shite appointment for him and Everton. Doubt it’ll last the season. Just like moving to China, I said it then and I’ll say it again Rafa’s motivations aren’t as clear as he makes out. No doubt he’ll mention the word ‘project’ but really he means convenience and very good money. I don’t begrudge him that, I’d do the same, just won’t be fooled by what comes next.
  2. Started losing mine at 21. Now 40, having hair is just a hassle to me. Love the quickness and ease of use which is what I'm all about when it comes to cutting my hair. I use a naked blade so tend to nick myself. Loads round the back, this is smooth AF and leaves that silky touch after. Impressed and very happy with my new toy.
  3. Just bought a skullshaver pitbull gold Pro. Man this thing cuts fine and quickly. Doesn't even leave a mess so no need to shower after. £90 well spent. Do think it might struggle if I let it grow beyond a week so will need to keep the wahl balding clippers just in case. Only criticism is its tough to do around the ears, might be a technique I'm missing.
  4. Got excited when I saw 5 new pages in just over an hour. Ffs.
  5. A loaf of bread….a mother fucking brain… sure that was in there somewhere
  6. If I were him I’d be talking to them as well. In his doorstep, in the prem, ambitious and have money. If he’s even considering holding off for this basket case of a club shows he does want to be here. Rafa works best when he’s loved by the fans, even if Everton accept him they’ll never love him. Not like here, Liverpool or Valencia.
  7. Think Ritchies return to the team was more important than signing willock for staying up. He stopped the weakness down the left, filled in for the missing leadership and got the assists needed. Willock got the goals and the headlines but Ritchies contribution was outstanding and that comes from someone who thinks we should have sold him 2 years ago along with Gayle & Shelvey. so aye, he’s proved me wrong and I’d like to see him get the final years he wants and if that’s back home then make it happen.
  8. Dokko

    Jacob Murphy

    Really happy for this to happen regardless of the result of a takeover. Deserves it and deserves credit for turning it round. So many have buckled and walked away.
  9. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the iWindow.
  10. If you’re not careful you’ll get a slot on soccer Saturday with insight like that.
  11. he knows what he’s doing, don’t care what anyone says. The question is whether he really is the messiah or just a very naughty boy winding up the fans. If it’s the latter then he must expect it to blow up in his face and backfire at some point.
  12. That's my hope as well. Going to court is the last chance saloon
  13. Hope we pay for his East Wing by the end of the month and he can go enjoy living in his mansion, never having to leave it again. I'm really beyond holding a grudge and being angry with him or ashley, I just want both gone ASAP and I hope both get their pound of flesh as it means we all move on.
  14. People let things slip, especially after a few beers. Not saying it went down like that, but if its the same guy I knew then it probably did. btw could see Charnley saying it to Bruce just to make himself feel better about his position if this happens, just to stick the knife in. Even if he doesn’t know for certain just to stir emotions and make him feel shit. Seems the type.
  15. Dokko

    The Job Thread

    im hearing this all over and experiencing it myself. Glad to be leaving. I’m just not sure whether to jump back in to the rat race and try one last time for a career role, go contracting or semi retire and go part time make ends meet. So sick of the need for money & status and what people will do to get it.
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