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I heard an interesting interview on Talksport a couple of weeks ago with the former England cricketer Ronnie Irani.  He was actually talking from Steadmans clinic in Colorado and had had the same op as Shola.  He even mentioned on air that Shola was due to arrive the following week to have the same op.


He explained that the protective coating on the head of his hip had been worn away and to rectify this the surgeon literally breaks the head of the hip, and in the process of healing the break, the body secretes a new coating to cover the area of the break.  Irani said however, that he was forbidden to put any weight on his leg for at least 4 months.


That means Shola won't be able to start walking until mid March.  After that he will have to build up lost muscles etc and I would think he may be hard pushed to be fit for the start of next season.

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Can imagine him coming back from injury after a heave bout of Football Manager:


Shola: Hey boss, while I've been gone, I've worked out how we can win trophies.


Roeder: I'm all ears Shola, fire away.....


Shola: Well first, you need to go into the editor and give me 200 ability and potential, and 20 on all stats except dirtyness and injury proneness. Then you need to put Michael Owen's injury proneness down to 1, and delete the cruciate ligament configuration from the player config file. Then give the club £50,000,000 transfer budget, and tick the sugar daddy box.


Glenn: err.....


Shola: then, play me up front with Albert Luque, and we'll both score 25 goals, while Owen, Martins and Rossi will get 15 from the bench. Use the money to buy 4 new defenders, but save a bit and use it to buy Pirlo, Gattusso and Joaquin for the next season after our trophy haul makes them want to sign for us. We won every single trophy for 5 seasons running. If we lose any matches, or get a bad injury, you could always ctrl-alt-delete if you saved regularly.


Glenn: This sounds like pure inspiration Shola. Will need to get the editor first though so will have to talk it through with the chairman


25 minutes and a steak bake later...


Freddy: Fuck off, I'm not giving you £27.99 so you can buy Football Manager 2007. You've already got that thing which is like ProZone but isn't, and I'm paying loads for that, just like I'm paying loads for those artificial sun-shiners.....


Glenn:......But they keep your sausage rolls warm......


Freddy: But you cannot do anything with food with Football Manager 2007. For £27,500 a month, I can borrow Championship Manager 97/98 off by brother for the club if you want etc etc.

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