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  1. James

    Takeover Thread

    nothing will happen on Wednesday because the judge goes away to consider their decision which will get published a few weeks later so we won’t hear a thing until then
  2. James

    Doctor Who

    Looks like it is building up to Olly Alexander as the Doctor then
  3. James

    Pro Cycling Thread

    Chris Anker Sorensen has died in a traffic accident at the Worlds
  4. James

    Steve Bruce

    Anyone seen the ‘too many journalists’ excuse?
  5. James

    Steve Bruce

    Chris Hughton is now available without compo. not great but at least we might play like a group of lads and find a bit of confidence
  6. Don’t have much hope for this game, my only hope is that someone, hopefully Matt Ritchie will make Ronaldo cry
  7. James


    Still think it will be Tom Daley personally
  8. James

    Comic Books/Movies/TV

    Todays What If is essential viewing for Beren
  9. James

    Pro Cycling Thread

    So I was on the third day of my new job today and I get asked if I can sit in on a webinar that my manager has to miss due to a double booking, so I log in to the teams meeting and I’m going through the faces on the call to see who I recognise. in my head I was like “know them, don’t know them, kind of know that person but don’t remember where from….CHRIS BOARDMAN” then nearly shit my pants
  10. Quote a high level appointment for a role of this level to be honest considering he has won League 1 as a manager
  11. James

    Comic Books/Movies/TV

    Sometimes they are amongst the best scenes in the whole film!
  12. James

    Comic Books/Movies/TV

    Some are quite important, and not many have been low quality
  13. James

    Comic Books/Movies/TV

    Just checking Mike that you know that there are scenes either in the middle of the credits or at the end of the credits (or both) on all the films?
  14. Would the accumulation of stock offset the depreciation of the assets? Market trading has indicated that forecast growth would lead to macroeconomic inflation where the discount rate would effectively demonstrate the present value.
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