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  1. think it was someone on here over Ben Arfa
  2. can’t stop laughing
  3. James

    Christian Atsu

    sorry to be grim but sadly if he (or anyone else on the scene) breathed certain building construction materials in (not just asbestos although that is the obvious one) then the risk of him dying of some painful cancer within 20 years has increased exponentially
  4. James

    Christian Atsu

    Agree rescuers are survivors too as these are the people that escaped.
  5. he should have done his research then because every time the owner has tried hiking the rent Coventry have moved out.
  6. James

    Christian Atsu

    While initially relieved I’m still genuinely concerned about what he and other survivors might have inhaled when the buildings collapsed.
  7. To confirm your identity, please answer the following question: What happens if an aircraft’s autopilot is set to ascend indefinitely?
  8. Don’t think they will be able to strip titles etc from player and coach CVS unless they were individually culpable. Aguero, Silva, Toure regardless of what Man City did still had to go out and win football matches
  9. James

    Anthony Gordon

    Unless Sun has fabricated this I would leave him out tomorrow. He needs to know that he isn’t at Everton any more and we are going to have to put lots of people around him to get him out of these habits. This won’t have been the first time he has done this, bet it was an open secret in Liverpool and someone has now decided to sell that intel to Sun.
  10. James

    Anthony Gordon

    Some numbers, 1, 2, 3, 9 transcend football. Others, 27, transcend clubs. anything else I don’t care.
  11. He will find a club to take him on and pay him at least £10k a week. See Ched Evans. If Man Utd can’t terminate him without paying off his contract in full, they’d be doing the public a favour if they can keep him on gardening leave and destroy his future earning potential.
  12. Think we’ll have the home advantage as their fans will be a bit apathetic.
  13. James


    Am I a prophet?
  14. Blessing in disguise. Think he can do with a rest since he turned his ankle. He will be firing for the final vs Casemiro. however I do think if the ref managed the game better, yellows would have been given to Southampton in the first half which would have kept him in better control. love you Bruno
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