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Some Players..

Newcastle Fan

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Are just not needed in Nufc,here is some of them


Babayaro-weak,too easy to dribble past,too many faults,not the kind of player u want as a left back


Bramble-he is getting better these days,but overall was poor,too many mistakes and just isn't the player u want as a CB


Carr-IDIOT,too many fouls,too many mistakes,he can't defend nor attack,rather had Luque play as RB then him :D


Duff-not half of the player he was  at chelsea,doing nothing and strangley enough,just brining him off means a win for us,when he go injured we managed two win in a row,and maybe more now


Rossi-Not our player to start with,not that good as a striker,still lack the physical attributes for the EPL


Ameobi-219 games,only 45 goals.i think its time to let him go


luque-Class :D,just not given the chance.if we are not going to play him we might aswell sell him,but i think we should give him a good run of games to see what he can really do to our team,if he does nothing then selling him is all we have



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Guest Gemmill

Babayaro, Carr, Rossi, Luque I agree with.  I would hold off on Bramble until March.  If it looks like Pearson has made a difference and he has had a very good season, then I would think about offering him a contract.  I fully expect him to have reverted to type before then though.  Duff is worth persevering with, and in reality we can't just ditch as many players as you mention from an already painfully-thin squad.  Keep Shola as 3rd choice.

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Guest Invicta_Toon

some players are just not needed?


when we have players getting injured left right and centre?


and they have something called contracts, which in the case of the above, not many other clubs will be interested in taking over....(with the exception of a cut price Luque)

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sadly yes,i really want to find out wich clubs will want to sign carr and babayaro :D


but,those players just have a negative effect on the side,as u can see (luque and bramble aside),when those others got injured,we started winning!


this case was never shown better expect after the palermo match


we played ramage+taylor+luque in the palermo match,we got a win


then we played carr+babayaro+duff in the sheff united match,we lost!!!



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Guest theunis

Yeah but they are injured now at a good time we have loads of games need them as back ups but contract wise ill keeb Bramble for now he seems to get better match for match with our new defence coach

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