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  1. Manchester City's Cole Palmer came on the bench to replace Kevin De Bruyne for their premier league game against Burnley,then he started the reserves game against Leicester a few hours later and scored a hatrick, great attitude.
  2. I think they will have their meetings with Yasir and the rest of the board today and get these a few key decisions out of the way.
  3. He's a saudi who travels to football events around the world, most of his videos are like a parody of a bedouin in foreign countries.
  4. Someone needs to explain to Yasir what giving him the chop actually means in Newcastle.
  5. He looks happy to be here and i hope he makes it a personal goal of his to make us as successful as can be, the man sits on the board of some of the largest organizations in the world and he's not going to accept anything less from himself or from the team managing the club.
  6. Unbelievably bad signing this lad, what sort of position is a player playing wide left trying to win flick-ons and holding up the ball just so he ends up either playing it back or losing it.
  7. Their crimes against humanity have already started by forcing us to watch Joelinton for 90 minutes..
  8. If he really is one of us like he claims he needs to walk himself and just admit he is simply not good enough to carry the club forward.
  9. Horrific decision to keep him, really shat all over the day with his tactics, this guy is one of the worst things i've seen in footbal.
  10. It was lovely seeing our new owners celebrate the goal. But then their faces upon realizing what a big mistake they made keeping Bruce in charge
  11. Rondon has been playing like a Sunday league player since he joined Everton.
  12. It's a traditional Arab attire and has nothing to do with ideology.
  13. It is a poor decision regardless of what they are trying to do, if he wins then people outside of the club will be saying he deserves a chance under the new regime and that he didn't get the support needed working with Ashley, if he loses the fans will be booing him and the team and all the buzz from last week will go down, meaning they will set themselves back.
  14. Awful news, MPs have an incredible role to play in society and the main part of their job involves being on the ground listening to and seeing what people are going through, this sort of incident is both cowardly and a big blow to the overall democratic process.
  15. Any minister/high level position is refereed to as his excellency. Edit: But to be honest, there is no real obligation to call him that.
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