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  1. Leeds, Crystal Palace, West Ham all felt like defeats, which in a way shows how far we've come but also shows what we need to do to guarantee a spot at the top year in year out, we need to develop that killer instinct and perhaps at the moment we are not there yet, hopefully we can continue being solid in the back and nick a few more wins.
  2. Newcastle Fan

    Dan Burn

    I don't think he even needs to get forward that much tbh, he's a monster at the back and the likes of Willock and Joe do quite well to run into that space on the left.
  3. Went back to his old self lately, maybe we need someone else to take the piss for him to start scoring again.
  4. We don't yet have that killer instincts that top clubs have, this is still a work in progress and the signs are positive but the worry is that these frustrating games will get into our players heads.
  5. It was such a tough ask replacing one of the best midfielders in the world in Bruno but he didn't do too bad today, we still miss Bruno's presence in midfield.
  6. Some great touches in his cameo and would've loved for him to set up the winner, still looks a bit raw but the good thing is unlike in Everton he doesn't have as much pressure on his shoulders.
  7. He didn't do too bad coming on today, hopefully he's matured a bit and will be able to help our cause going forward.
  8. I still don't want to be too harsh on him, coming into a changed team and hasn't played that much lately, he really looked like he was not sharp at all and kept second guessing himself, we can let this one slide but expect better from him going forward.
  9. A fucking monster in midfield, don't understand how he's the strongest player in the league and still does those shitty dives.
  10. Had to score at least one of those second half chances, i love Wilson and he's always stepped up in the past but we need a big rest of the season from him as in the past few games we are losing points to him being a bit off it.
  11. Sky sports just released their footballers "black list" with their top picks of black players for 2022, who the fuck thought this was a good idea
  12. There was a funny discussion on twitter regarding Dubravaka, that he was sent by us as an agent to get us insights about Ten Haag's tactics for this moment. the paradox in this is that If we win, he will get nothing but if Man Utd win, he will get a cup winners medal
  13. Thinking of flying for the game from Bahrain, depends on wither i can get tickets or not.
  14. Not getting a striker might end up costing them big time this season.
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