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  1. The Jota penalty is infuriating as it but that's compounded when you remember the Ederson incident, honestly this country has the worst refs in Europe, even the dodgy Serie-A looks far more fair than them.
  2. We literally bought him for the Watford game, the minute Wilson is back and if we get a better striker i don't see how he will play unless he improves massively.
  3. Newcastle Fan

    Paul Dummett

    He's an alright squad player to have, he just came back from an injury so hopefully his performance will get better going forward.
  4. What a wonderful cameo today, didn't put a foot wrong.
  5. Our best CB, but we need to find him a partner fast.
  6. Newcastle Fan

    Joe Willock

    Worked hard and gave us some mobility in midfield, he really looks bereft of confidence when he does have the ball, but i hope today's performance is one he can build on.
  7. Once again he is our main and probably only attacking threat.
  8. World Class right back playing in a championship team .
  9. He works hard but he's terrible in the final third, which can be said about many others in this team, they really need to start having more confidence in front of goal.
  10. Could've saved 25m and re-signed Andy Carroll.
  11. Really Thought he was going to retire, interesting to see what shape he's in and quite happy to see him again
  12. Brought on to shore up the left side with 5 minutes to go and we concede with a cross from the fucking left.
  13. He was crap to be honest, Andy Carroll would've put in a similar sort of performance, we need him to take it up a level if we are to stay up.
  14. He is by far our best player, said it before but in an ideal scenario he will be one of many competent players and be the one to provide us with something special when we need it, however due to the fact that those around him are utter shit he is feeling the pressure every week.
  15. At the time where we needed him the most he has let us down, he's been going downhill for a while now and needs to be one of those taken out of the team the minute we get a CB.
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