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Roeder...three strikes and out


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I really hope that we get 3 points tonight but do not feel confident. This game is followed by another couple of tough league games and there is a good chance we could finish up with zippo in the next three games.


FF has previously said that he is not concerned, but if we were in the bottom three come Xmas that would be different. The way things are going I do not see us being out of the bottom three at Xmas and I do not see FF having the guts to stand by Roeder at that point.  Douglas Hall said that if they hadn't got rid of SBR at that time we would have been relegated, I wonder what he sees in his crystal ball now.  Even if FF wants to stand by Roeder he could be outvoted by the Halls.

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Every time I see the league table I have to pinch myself... not because we're in the bottom three, because we deserve to be there, but because it's already December and we're still in there!! ridiculous.


Not feeling too confident about tonight either.

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